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Well, this aint exactly what I had in mind for show #228 but we dont always get to pick the headlines. If we did, i sure as heck wouldn't have picked this one. But anyway, Damon Evans is toast, if you had hope on thursday that he might survive, as I did...all that evaporated on Friday with the release of the police report. New show in about ten days when Hale gets back from Honeymoon!

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G-Day 2010!! The final scrimmage of spring and we've got everything you need to know about whats been happening and whats gonna happen this weekend. The game kicks off at 2pm on saturday and it will be on CSS, XM and Sirius as well as the regular radio outlets. Tonight we've got special guest, David Hale of the Macon Telegraph and Bulldogs Blog to fill you in on whats what!

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Yeah, I know, its been awhile! The longest hiatus we've ever had since the show started. I appreciate the love and the comments and the feedback and I promise the show is not gonna die and we are not retired. Im back today solo and I've got news about the team and tailgating.... Let's roll.

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DawgCast#225 Dawgs WIN 44-20 over an over-worked out-manned Texas A&M. Now we break down and re-live the game. It was a good win but pretty meaningless in the big scheme. While we are recording, Tech has just lost to the Dawgs in Stegman in mens basketball and the football team is getting beat to death by Iowa...ahhh, good times....
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DawgCast#224 Shreveport! Here we come!! Its the Bowl game. Dawgs vs Aggies! And we've finally got the coverage on the pre-game. Good news is that by waiting, we were able to talk a bit about the Urban situation also. Big game Monday night! Lets go Dawgs!
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DawgCast#223 Kirby Smart, Manny Diaz, Turner Gill, Ellis Johnson, Bud Foster and Vic Konnegg...damn. Not much going on in Athens except a little prep for Bowl and a whole lot of DC rumors....
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DawgCast#222 Got it DONE! Sent Willie out on a high note with 339 yards rushing and a all around great effort on D. Dawgs dominate the Nerds from the outset. Great game! Biggest game of the year! Loved every minute of it. Now Jancek, Fabris and Martinez are fired and we are on our way to 2010...Go Dawgs
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DawgCast#221 Hate Week! Lets get it on, Nerds!! You're so damn anxious to start your little dynasty dance and your ACC championship dance, you might be overlooking the old Dawgs. But we are gonna bring it and play to win o saturday!

Cmon Dawgs, Hunker Down, Beat the Damn Nerds
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DawgCast#220 Fail. Loss. worst game of Richts career at UGA.
What else do you need to know?
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DawgCast#219 UGA VII has passed away. It's Senior Day. Its at night on ESPN2. And we've got kentucky coming to town. What more motivation would you need than a dawghouse with flowers and wreaths laid all over it? Kentucky has one good offensive weapon and he may be out and certainly wont be 100% Let's finish the Drill Dawgs!
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