The Georgia Bulldog Football PodCast!

So, we are so happy to have Wes Blankenship in the bunker tonight. He's bringing his own brand of humor and insight to Athens as he covers the Bulldog Football program.


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We Love Kirby! 

This show has been on my mind since before the SEC Champ Game, then it got stronger after the SECCG loss, stronger after the Sugar win and much much stronger after the personnel additions since then...


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Holy Crap!! Defcon1! Alert! Alert! Not really, everyone chill. It's not that bad. We explain the news of today in Athens. And, this one does have some bad words. Explicit Content Warning!

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Damn, wasn't that fun?! Great game, good win! Dawgs on Top of the Baylor Bears in the Sugar Bowl 26-14. Great effort by everyone and we cover it all here. Also, it was a good springboard into a great week for the Dawgs, we have news from Athens!

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