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It's time to BOWL! SUGAR BOWL! You can't spell sUGAr without UGA. We are down a lot of players, thats the nature of the game these days. We explain why it's not that bad and why we are going to win this game (I hope)

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HO HO HO!! It's Christmas in the bunker and our Christmas Tree is loaded with gifts!!

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Well, it's Recruitmas! And Kirby is busy doing Kirby things. The boys are getting ready for the Sugar Bowl. Cook is getting ready for some punishment. All is well in Athens!

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I was so pissed off about the fan reaction after the game that it totally dominated the first half of the show, we are back and this time we actually talk about the game a little plus big recruiting news, coaching news and predictions!

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Damn, that sucked so much in so many ways.

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The anticipation is building. Dawg fans are hunkered down down like kids on Christmas Eve. They've been told for 2 months that Santa is not making a stop in Dawgnation this Championship season. We've all heard it, how can a team that couldn't beat a lowly Gamecock team beat ranked teams like Florida and Auburn? Media, players of the past, and scores of fans all touched on the shortcomings. Maybe their egos were bigger than their ability? 


Mr. Former Player,  just for the record, egos were checked at the door in fall camp. You can't convince me otherwise. A brutal loss in a game Georgia should have won going away, followed by a stadium of boos at home in a drenched shut out of an SEC east foe is a great test of egos. Prove me wrong? 


Let me go ahead and do it for all of you. Our QB is all of a sudden no good, our O-Line can't block, Wide Receivers have hands of stone, our play calling is as predictable as a Georgia victory in Jacksonville, and if you don't agree you're a "Disney Dawg". You guys almost nailed the last one. Disney, "Where Dreams Come True". 


While we were busy dreaming, this staff and team had little time to sleep. After the loss to South Carolina there was no room for error. The Bulldogs tightened up their cleats and went on a remarkable 6-0 run to finish the regular season. Dispatching of #6 ranked Florida and #12 Auburn both away from Sanford stadium. In those last 6 games a very stingy Georgia defense only allowed 8.5 points a game while pitching 2 more shutouts. That, my friends, is elite. 


This season hasn't been sexy. In fact it has been quite the opposite. The workman-like attitude of Coach Smart has translated onto the field. These Dawgs are not scared to get dirty and grind it out. They bring it all on the field and leave it there. They've earned the right to play in their 3rd consecutive SECCG. While they may not have gotten it done the way some wanted, they got it the way they could. That effort deserves the support of every single Dawg fan and former player. 


Set those clocks Dawg fans, tomorrow we paint the Benz Red. See you guys in Atlanta, and as always, Go Dawgs! 

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Well, it's finally here! The SECCG. The next round of our playoff. Vs LSU. Can we stop them? damn right we can. Let's go Dawgs!!

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Let GO! Crushed the Nerds! Clean Old Fashioned HAte week is complete! Not all sunshine and rainbows but a pretty good effort with lots of points. Offense is grooving. Let's stay in ATL and play another!

Also we launch our annual Michael Davenport Christmas Special!

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