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Yeah, so I feel worse after this win than I did after the USC loss. We should talk about our league leading Defense, suddenly great punter and zero turnovers in a 21-0 shutout win over a conference division rival... instead I spend the whole show talking about kirby and coley and this damn offense.

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Moving right along!! Kids, we got no time to feel sorry for ourselves. Big rushing attack coming into town. Running QB who is a former WR. Stop me if you've heard that one before. Our track record against backup QBs is not so great.... Go Dawgs!

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Holy shit. Lose to a 25 point underdog AT HOME. A team thats 2-3. Lots of soul searching. Lots of man in the mirror kinda stuff...Dont even know what to say really...Nothing good.

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We begin a new series just for feedback and listener questions and comments. We get so many that it's hard to include on the regular show so we are considering doing this special from time to time... And this one has a bonsfide BOMBSHELL at the end. Tell us if you like it!!

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It's time to bust those Cocks again! Going for our 5th win in a row and Kirbys 4th, the Dawgs are 25 point favorites entering this game. SEC nation is going to be on the Quad, Athens will be poppin...again! Let's GATA!

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Big Win at Rocky Top!! 43-14 - Dawgs go full Return of the Titans in second half to close out a dominant performance! And Jake Fromm sings!

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Just in time for your drive to Knoxville! 

Special edition of the UT Pregame. I was in NYC all week so this show is a little weird, best we could do under the circumstances. But we are going to have a great weekend, Dawg Fans! Go Dawgs! Beat UT!

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