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It's time to BOWL! SUGAR BOWL! You can't spell sUGAr without UGA. We are down a lot of players, thats the nature of the game these days. We explain why it's not that bad and why we are going to win this game (I hope)

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HO HO HO!! It's Christmas in the bunker and our Christmas Tree is loaded with gifts!!

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Well, it's Recruitmas! And Kirby is busy doing Kirby things. The boys are getting ready for the Sugar Bowl. Cook is getting ready for some punishment. All is well in Athens!

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I was so pissed off about the fan reaction after the game that it totally dominated the first half of the show, we are back and this time we actually talk about the game a little plus big recruiting news, coaching news and predictions!

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Damn, that sucked so much in so many ways.

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The anticipation is building. Dawg fans are hunkered down down like kids on Christmas Eve. They've been told for 2 months that Santa is not making a stop in Dawgnation this Championship season. We've all heard it, how can a team that couldn't beat a lowly Gamecock team beat ranked teams like Florida and Auburn? Media, players of the past, and scores of fans all touched on the shortcomings. Maybe their egos were bigger than their ability? 


Mr. Former Player,  just for the record, egos were checked at the door in fall camp. You can't convince me otherwise. A brutal loss in a game Georgia should have won going away, followed by a stadium of boos at home in a drenched shut out of an SEC east foe is a great test of egos. Prove me wrong? 


Let me go ahead and do it for all of you. Our QB is all of a sudden no good, our O-Line can't block, Wide Receivers have hands of stone, our play calling is as predictable as a Georgia victory in Jacksonville, and if you don't agree you're a "Disney Dawg". You guys almost nailed the last one. Disney, "Where Dreams Come True". 


While we were busy dreaming, this staff and team had little time to sleep. After the loss to South Carolina there was no room for error. The Bulldogs tightened up their cleats and went on a remarkable 6-0 run to finish the regular season. Dispatching of #6 ranked Florida and #12 Auburn both away from Sanford stadium. In those last 6 games a very stingy Georgia defense only allowed 8.5 points a game while pitching 2 more shutouts. That, my friends, is elite. 


This season hasn't been sexy. In fact it has been quite the opposite. The workman-like attitude of Coach Smart has translated onto the field. These Dawgs are not scared to get dirty and grind it out. They bring it all on the field and leave it there. They've earned the right to play in their 3rd consecutive SECCG. While they may not have gotten it done the way some wanted, they got it the way they could. That effort deserves the support of every single Dawg fan and former player. 


Set those clocks Dawg fans, tomorrow we paint the Benz Red. See you guys in Atlanta, and as always, Go Dawgs! 

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Well, it's finally here! The SECCG. The next round of our playoff. Vs LSU. Can we stop them? damn right we can. Let's go Dawgs!!

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Let GO! Crushed the Nerds! Clean Old Fashioned HAte week is complete! Not all sunshine and rainbows but a pretty good effort with lots of points. Offense is grooving. Let's stay in ATL and play another!

Also we launch our annual Michael Davenport Christmas Special!

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Clean Old Fashioned Hate Week! Crush the Nerds! Wreck Tech! Big regular season finale coming up this weekend at Historic Mark Richt Field...easy win. Let's Go!

Also we launch our annual Michael Davenport Christmas Special!

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Another big win over another tough opponent! The 5 game brutal gauntlet is complete. No losses and never trailed. Now onto Hate Week, getting healthy, resting up and SECCG... And Jamie is fired up about fans talking to players on social

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Here we go! TAMU is coming to town, you remember them, right? The team we were most scared of before the season? Well, they are still pretty good. Here we go! GATA!

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Big win on the plains. Wasn't as easy as it shouldve been but we got the win, on the road, in the West and won the East. As nature intended. Go Dawgs, SECE Champs! Damn right!!



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Let's Go Dawgs! Big 330 game on CBS against a pretty good Auburn team. Maybe theyre pretty good, I thought they were crap a few weeks ago at UF. Dawgs On Top!




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Yeah, we won! It was a big win. Covered the spread. What's not to like. 5 FG's, thats what. Me and Jamie are arguing right from the jump. I want more from the Offense.




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Ok, Dawg Fans, Let's GO! Last night game of the year! Got a big one coming up against the Mizzou Tigers! And we tell you everything you need to know. Mainly, GET UP AND GATA!

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Big Win for the Dawgs in Jax! 24-17 and it wasn't even that close. High stakes and high reward. It was so much fun from start to finish. Dawgs get the execution and the scheme right in the same game in a very satisfying way. I could do post game shows like this as often as needed!


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Let's GATA Dawgs! It is time to Do More! We've got to take all of this talent and lean on the Gators! We must win this game!!

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Yeah, so I feel worse after this win than I did after the USC loss. We should talk about our league leading Defense, suddenly great punter and zero turnovers in a 21-0 shutout win over a conference division rival... instead I spend the whole show talking about kirby and coley and this damn offense.

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Moving right along!! Kids, we got no time to feel sorry for ourselves. Big rushing attack coming into town. Running QB who is a former WR. Stop me if you've heard that one before. Our track record against backup QBs is not so great.... Go Dawgs!

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Holy shit. Lose to a 25 point underdog AT HOME. A team thats 2-3. Lots of soul searching. Lots of man in the mirror kinda stuff...Dont even know what to say really...Nothing good.

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We begin a new series just for feedback and listener questions and comments. We get so many that it's hard to include on the regular show so we are considering doing this special from time to time... And this one has a bonsfide BOMBSHELL at the end. Tell us if you like it!!

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It's time to bust those Cocks again! Going for our 5th win in a row and Kirbys 4th, the Dawgs are 25 point favorites entering this game. SEC nation is going to be on the Quad, Athens will be poppin...again! Let's GATA!

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Big Win at Rocky Top!! 43-14 - Dawgs go full Return of the Titans in second half to close out a dominant performance! And Jake Fromm sings!

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Just in time for your drive to Knoxville! 

Special edition of the UT Pregame. I was in NYC all week so this show is a little weird, best we could do under the circumstances. But we are going to have a great weekend, Dawg Fans! Go Dawgs! Beat UT!

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This really just started as a test for a new recording rig and turned into a 30 minute question and answer session with listeners...And yeah, I know it's 505 and not 504...

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Whew! That was tough. Much tougher than my dumb butt expected. ND had a plan and worked it to perfection. Almost pulled it off too. But our superior firepower just finally came thru. Big win and a good test for the Team. It will pay dividends when the going gets tough later this year!  GATIA!

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Alright, let's get down to business! Gameday is here. Notre Dame is here. Let's go! We cover news from Athens, things you need to know to get ready for the game. Contests, tailgates, being classy..then in a bonus segment - Derek dives deep with the host of From The Dome - The Notre Dame Football podcast... Bonus DawgCast! GATA!!

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It's Our Thyme!

Time is the constant, undeniable, unstoppable. We all have our time. What matters, is what we make of it. Coach Dooley and Mrs. Barbara have made the most of their time. Herschel owned his. Like so many Dawgs before, this 2019 pack has a short time to make this their own, and make it last...

In the 1830’s, founder Augustus Bulleit nearly lost his now famous recipe, and did lose his life in route to New Orleans to deliver his prize bourbon. Thankfully his family took up the torch and we still enjoy it today. 

In honor of the tradition of the South and of UGA, we present Our Thyme. A Bulleit Thyme cocktail that marries the beloved bourbon whiskey of so many Saturdays before us. Lemon, bright like mid-morning tailgate sunshine, sweet agave like the dreams of young and new Dawgs, and a little bit of Thyme, because that’s all we’re guaranteed in life.

Dawg nation of 2019, this is our time and it too will pass. Augustus Bulleit gave it all to take his prize to New Orleans but fate befell him. This year we finish the drill and finish the journey. Our Thyme is now and our time can culminate in New Orleans - if we make the most of it. 

Our Thyme - A Dawg’s Time

4 oz Bulleit Bourbon (don’t be stingy)


Splash of lemon

2 Sprigs of Thyme


All-American Tip: Simmer 8 sprigs of fresh Thyme with 1/2 cup of agave in 2 cups of water to make a Honey-Thyme simple syrup. At the tailgate, add bourbon, then 2oz of the syrup and top with ice. Garnish with a sprig of Thyme.

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Huge win! 55-0 over Arky St. Play time is over and the Dawgs played their most complete game yet. Big win and we are ready to rock in the Bunker! Let's Go Dawgs! 

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Ok, so big win over Murray State, I'm feeling pretty good so I went to chicago. Jamey is manning the bunker, I'm in the remote studio. We cover this game and a few words about this weekend's nooner versus Arky St. Let's GATA! 

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Hell Yeah, Dawgs win big for our 500th show! Do we make a big deal out of it. Nope. Just keep on Grinding and DO MORE!

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Here's to 500 more! Go Dawgs! Lets get this Natty!

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It's HERE! Finally, real football. 72 hours to kickoff. A real SEC conference opener on the road, under the lights in Nashville! Let's GATA!! Time to kick ass and get this 2019 campaign started! Everything you need to know for a successful weekend!

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Just a quick little wrap of fall camp. No real news from Athens. We just want to make fun of the Gators and talk about the upcoming season

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Fall camp is complete! Ten practices in the books and finished with a big scrimmage in the stadium. School classes started today and we are now on to regular football and school operations. Let's GATA

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Tal.king Season is over...Football season is here! Let's GATA!! Camp is on...Pads are popping, Camp is rocking. Players moving up the charts and others moving into the Portal...We have all the news you need

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Defensive show! We cover the depth chart on the defensive side and so much more! We talk JJ and Receiver Room woes as well as Jax plans and Mel Tucker and Michael Davenport... BIG SHOW! 

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It's summertime! 81 days until kickoff. So we figured that's a great time to take a look at this Offensive Depth Chart and see exactly what Coley is working with. Plus we name the two players who didn't take a snap last year who we are most excited about this fall!

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Big recruiting news and exclusive audio from Coach Smart... Can you handle 55 minutes of Dawgcast??? In May???? Bringing you all the Dawg news you need from 60 feet beneath the Turf of Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium!

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We are BACK! Talking G Day and Draft and Recruiting and Lunch with Kirby! Woo Hoo!!! Let's GATA 

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Couple more arrests...a scrimmage and an tribute to a DGD gone way too soon... RIP Marcus #KIRBSTOMP

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Spring Ball is in full effect. Players, running, hitting and sweating it out on the Woodruff Practice Fields. We cover O Line and RBs. QBs and DBs...what else do you need??


Also, if you are looking for info on teh Marcus Davis project, check out Facebook page or just search #kirbstomp on any social

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We are still here! Back in the bunker with a solid hour of news from the deep south! 60 ft under the turf of Sanford Stadium, we have tons of things to talk about!! Let GATA!

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Lots going on in Athens. We talk Texas and losing players and Bama and also break a little news but I think the news we broke might have been a head fake. Sorry bout that.

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