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So, Round two, IN Knoxville. Gotta get it done, no injuries, win big. Simple plan. Run it early and often, eat clock, score a lot and crush their Offense. It's Munson's birthday, let's crush their face with a hobnail boot!!

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HUge win in Athens!! Your #11 Dawgs beat the brakes off the #17 Dogs of Miss St... complete game and domination in all phases. Killer instinct to the very last play! GATA!

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Ok Dawg Fans...this is a big game. First SEC tilt...In Athens. Big game vs Miss St, the mongrel dogs from Starkville. Im in Seattle, using a tin can and a string to get this show done, but we've got Isaiah's dad checking in and we talk all about Nick Fitzgerald and Jeffrey Simmons

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HUGE WIN! The kind of win we've been waiting years for. Big win, on the road, that had meaning. Coming from behind, two epic programs. and we brought home the win! Dawgs are trending in the right direction. Kirby is getting it going right, finally. And we are here, in the bunker, covering it all...

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Can you handle all the goodness??? A full hour of DawgCast celebrating the big win over App St. Discussing the good points in the win, the areas of concern and of course, the big changes at QB... Then, we have a special guest- Brae Beadles - live From the Dome in South Bend with a special report on ND. More can be found from him at From The Dome

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We have a big double show tonight covering App St and Notre Dame

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Not our best... Im kinda drunk. In a hurry. Left a Pre-season party full of rye whiskey to get something recorded...Plus Old Dawg's mic is screwed up and full of static...freaking bush league. But the music bumpers at the front and back are worth it! Got to beat App St good tomorrow! Go Dawgs!

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