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ROSE BOWL PreGame Show with The Senator from Get The Picture 

This is it! It's Playoff time. Time to take the Sooners down and restore our place in the College Football pecking order...It sis going to be a tough close game. OU is good and they are motivated and they know what they are doing. It is going to take 100% focus and effort for us to get it done. Kirby and Co are going to be ready and The Senator and me break it all down for you...

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ok, so for those of you who asked and for those of you who didn''s a little Rose Bowl talk with my good friend Eric from Athens and then he shares the story of Michael Davenport and why we are trying to help him out a little...

Be generous, you little scrooges!


Here's the link to the video with him....


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We've been waiting a long time but we finally got it done. We won the SEC. Beat the cat crap out of the Tigers of Auburn and brought home the hardware. Stafford couldn't do it, Murray couldn't do it. Fromm, the QB of destiny, gets it done on his first try. Chubb and Michel and Bellamy and Carter are vindicated for their decisions... Storybook ending. Bad guys lose, good guys win!

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Boom! Fish Fry PJ goes down swinging...just like we knew he would. Easy peasy. Jake Fromm throws a 78 yarder, Sony goes chalk on the Nerds. Roquan tackles everything that moves and the Nerds score no points in  second half. Now onto our bigger 'fish to fry'

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Holiday Week! Hate Week! We are going to crush the Hive. Its going to be no contest this weekend. We are going to kill these nerds...Enjoy your turkey and relax. We got this.

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Big Win in Athens! Undefeated in Sanford Stadium in 2017! Sweep The East happened as predicted. Kentucky goes down swinging about like we thought they would... now we roll into our Western Satellite Campus on Techwood drive.

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Its a lite episode...I couldn't get Old Dawg to the it's just me in a place holder episode...but I got Isaiah's dad and DCTS to keep me company! Go Dawgs!! Beat the Cats!

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Well, that sucked from top to bottom. From Head Coach to Water boy...a through ass whuppin. But the response is all that matters now. We have got to get our head straight. #sweeptheeast and beat GT and then take down whoever we get in Atlanta. We can do it.

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Big game on the plains this weekend...third straight on CBS at 330...maybe our toughest game yet. But I think if we have our A game, it actually wont be that tough. Auburn actually kinda sucks.

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The Season Of Destiny continues! We didn't get the score just right. It was a more competitive team in USC than we expected but it was never in doubt. Dawgs take care of business. Lots of stuff to break down from this game! 

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Another week, another big test for Kirby and Co...SEC foe USC comes to town for a big game in Athens at 330 on Saturday. Expecting a big test from USC D for our offense...Lets GATA!!!

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Revenge Tour 2017 continues...our season of setting the world right continues. Big win over Florida in Jax. Feels like old times, seems like we are finally putting some old demons in the ground and it feels great. 4 completed passes! Lots of running, huge D and important passes when we needed them. D is playing awesome. O Line is playing great. Skill boys are lights out. 25 point fave over USC...lets go to work. (Last minute of this show was clipped and I couldnt restore it...)

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Finally, dammit. It's gameday! Dawgs-Gators-Jacksonville! Biggest game of the year, if you ask's always the biggest game of the year. We must end the Evil Empire. I want to put them in the ground. End the program. Exorcise the demons. Revenge Tour 2017 continues!! Go Dawgs! GATA!!!

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Another Week, Another Big Conference win!! 53-28! Rough start but adjustments made and your Dawgs get it done using other methods! Fromm throwing all over the place. Record yards in a conference game! 698....running, throwing...offense bails out the D for once!

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Special Double Episode!! The string on our tin cans wasn't working sunday night as we laid down another award winning episode for our Vandy Post we did the whole show again and then we talked a little about Mizzou also!

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On to Nashville...having thoroughly conquered Knoxville, the Dawgs march on to Nashville. Revenge Tour 2017 is in full swing..Let's get it!

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An epic "Signature" ass whooping for the ages...41 to 0 in Neyland stadium. These Dawgs just keep getting better and better. Doing it all on Offense, Defense and Special teams...Chubb gets his payback, Fromm shows he can take a punch and bounce back...We learned a lot in Tennessee now we just have got to keep it rolling in Nashville

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So, Round two, IN Knoxville. Gotta get it done, no injuries, win big. Simple plan. Run it early and often, eat clock, score a lot and crush their Offense. It's Munson's birthday, let's crush their face with a hobnail boot!!

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HUge win in Athens!! Your #11 Dawgs beat the brakes off the #17 Dogs of Miss St... complete game and domination in all phases. Killer instinct to the very last play! GATA!

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Ok Dawg Fans...this is a big game. First SEC tilt...In Athens. Big game vs Miss St, the mongrel dogs from Starkville. Im in Seattle, using a tin can and a string to get this show done, but we've got Isaiah's dad checking in and we talk all about Nick Fitzgerald and Jeffrey Simmons

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HUGE WIN! The kind of win we've been waiting years for. Big win, on the road, that had meaning. Coming from behind, two epic programs. and we brought home the win! Dawgs are trending in the right direction. Kirby is getting it going right, finally. And we are here, in the bunker, covering it all...

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Can you handle all the goodness??? A full hour of DawgCast celebrating the big win over App St. Discussing the good points in the win, the areas of concern and of course, the big changes at QB... Then, we have a special guest- Brae Beadles - live From the Dome in South Bend with a special report on ND. More can be found from him at From The Dome

Or you can hit him up on Twitter --- (be nice!) @fromthedome1842

Also, of course you can follow us @dawgcast

We have a big double show tonight covering App St and Notre Dame

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Not our best... Im kinda drunk. In a hurry. Left a Pre-season party full of rye whiskey to get something recorded...Plus Old Dawg's mic is screwed up and full of static...freaking bush league. But the music bumpers at the front and back are worth it! Got to beat App St good tomorrow! Go Dawgs!

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We ARE BACK! And So is football! It's that time of year. Hope springs eternal here at the Bunker and we are busy cleaning off the cobwebs and getting ready to cover a whole new season of hard hitting Bulldawg Football!

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It's that time of year again! The 10th Annual Reverse Recruiting Show! An annual tradition started to illustrate the futility of getting highly ranked recruiting classes each year only to watch them flame out spectacularly...I really hope we are getting closer to not having to do this crappy episode anymore. Here we go...look back at 2013.

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Big Bowl win.. seriously, it was much better to win than lose. Happy to get it and we are happy in the bunker/ Recruiting going bonkers...seniors staying in Athens...everything is coming up aces for Kirby and Co.

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