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I really try to make a go of it! Being as positive as possible. But seriously, it's tough. You've given up. You know you have. Kinda feels like everyone has...but I still have hope. 25% hope dammit. Dawgs Win this weekend. Mark it down!

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Let's face it...not going to be a good season. Vandy broke our collective hearts. It sucked. Shows aren't fun anymore because I hate the doom and gloom stuff...but thats where we are. WE ARE the dumpster fire now...hope CKS can turn it around.

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Storm is a coming to Columbia! Hurricane Eason! Or maybe Chubb!! But either way the game has been moved to sunday and we arent in the bunker. I'm on remote to Cali but we still let you know what to look for this weekend

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OMG, that hurt. Really. But we did give terrific effort for 4 quarters. And did everything we needed to do to win. It was a big game for our Freshmen, our DB's (until that last little bit), RB's, Eason, Ridley and Nauta...real progress, we just didnt close it out like pros. But we will.....soon.

In other news, Krystal Tailgate was awesome!!

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