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Got a big update to the Tailgate complete with directions and content and everything else you need to know...

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So, another big game. This time we take on the Volunteers at 3:30 on CBS. Old Dawg has issued the reverse hex and also made an incredible promise if we win. Listen til the end to hear about that. Also, detail about the tailgate and free food! Come see us at the tracks...

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Well, that sucked. We kinda called it but we were trying to be optimistic. Systemic failure at all levels of game play. No tackling, no covering, no pass block, no run block, no catching and no running...just not very great. to say the least...We are in it now. Only can move forward. 

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So, I finally track Old Dawg down in the Fiji islands...he's out looking for Offensive sound quality is terrible on this show but it'll be back to normal on sunday's postgame show. We talk big win over Mizzou and the looming contest with Ole Miss...gonna be a tough one. Get ready.

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Hey guys, still in Munich. But the Dawgs did get the win. It was kinda ugly. Lots of turnovers, mistakes...but we dive into the mobile bunker and talk about it. All being done while Old Dawg is eating Krystals! Thanks for listening. I'm half asleep during this show since it's 1 am in Germany...ugh.

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Hey guys! It's Derek. Live from Munich. Didn't get to make a real post game show for UNC but I wanted to get something out so you guys knew we weren't dead. Great Game, Great win! Loved everything about it...we will be back tomorrow with UNC and Nicholls Post game. Go get some Krystals!!

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It's time to LET THE BIG DAWG EAT!! Kevin Butler is back helping kickers...Chubb is 100% and it's time to see what Pittman, Chaney and Tucker have put together. I'm so excited I could bust.

Also, we are proud to announce the we have begun a partnership with Krystal!!

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