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Liberty Bowl PreGame... We are playing case you didnt noon....on a friday....yawn.....but, recruiting is red hot and that IS newsworthy!

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Well, dammit. A damned tragedy. Last 11 minutes goes to hell and we are left wondering what could've been. 5 points from 10-2...A sorry end to a sorry season. We bring Isaiah's dad out of cold storage for one last call this season...

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Hate Week! We cover the ULL win for about 30 seconds and then it's on to the Nerd Herd and what we need to do to win. Also, a little history on why beating them is so damn important. We Run This State! Happy Thanksgiving Dawgs!!

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Well, we are a 25 point favorite over the Ragin Cajuns of Lafayette...and all the focus is on ---can we maintain and build on the momentum we fought so hard for last saturday night? Only time will tell. Let's get to the stadium tomorrow at Noon and kick some cajun ass!

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Big win! yuuuuge Win! Just what the Doctor and Kirby adn the players and the staff and the fans ordered! 13-7. Crazy good work by the D. Effective playcalling and offense. Specials were special enough! Great game. FUn game. Awesome game.

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DawgCast #423

Its Auburn week! Oldest rivarly in the deep south! Short show without Old Dawg just to say I got one out...kinda superstitious about it!

Gotta stop that pass rush and slow down their running game...thats all. Piece of cake!

Beat Auburn

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And....we're back. Im home from Vegas and we are back in the bunker to talk about this Kentucky game. Not going to talk too much about the Florida loss because thats in the rear view now. We've got to move forward into the sunlight future. We got a Kicker, a QB, a TE and a couple of WR's...lets go with that!

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I really try to make a go of it! Being as positive as possible. But seriously, it's tough. You've given up. You know you have. Kinda feels like everyone has...but I still have hope. 25% hope dammit. Dawgs Win this weekend. Mark it down!

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Let's face it...not going to be a good season. Vandy broke our collective hearts. It sucked. Shows aren't fun anymore because I hate the doom and gloom stuff...but thats where we are. WE ARE the dumpster fire now...hope CKS can turn it around.

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Storm is a coming to Columbia! Hurricane Eason! Or maybe Chubb!! But either way the game has been moved to sunday and we arent in the bunker. I'm on remote to Cali but we still let you know what to look for this weekend

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