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It's that time of year...we all make our annual pilgrimmage to the shores of south Georgia. To take on the hated Gators. WLOCP. What else do you need to know?

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So we get an important win over Mizzou...not a very inspirational win but a win. We cover the game, some call ins, Hondo and Butler...little bit of everything in this one.

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Ok, so it is pretty bad. Chubb is down. So so bad. two losses in a row. Terrible. But we're back with a super size, 60 minute show with special guests and some Spurrier Bashing. It's the UT Post game, Mizzou Pre game and a very special OBC goodbye forever. Special guest Brendon from the Mizzodcast to break down the Tigers!

Quick note, I say even more bad words this week. If you are sensitive to profanity, DO NOT LISTEN to this episode...

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So we go up against the three headed monster (Dobbs is an actual monster, look at his picture!) of UT and try to restore our manhood after the Bama mauling... We look at UT strengths and our keys to getting the win in this crucial game...

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Another season, another "epic ass whipping for the ages". Its been all the way since last October since we had to say that. We thought maybe we had something special and found out we didn't. Mr. All-Business came to Athens and kicked our ass.

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