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DawgCast#405 TaxSlayer Bowl!!

In a bowl game that almost no one cares about at all... we still wanna win. Coaches dont really care, players might not care. Fans almost certainly dont care...but they all wanna win. They wanna look good to future employers and future coaches in this level and the next level. Whats it gonna take for the Dawgs to do it?!

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Our first Kirby Smart show...and boy, the excitement is in the air. The bunker is rocking!

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The End of an Era. Mark Richt is gone. An we are looking for something new

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Here it is the big triple combo show you've all been breathlessly waiting for!! Your GSU Post Game and your GT pre game and some coaching talk...3 defined segments. Stop listening before segment 3 if youre a CMR fan. Hope you guys have a great holiday! 

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Awesome game coming up! Saturday Night. 7pm versus our little brother GSU. This is going to be a great game, great atmosphere. And I'm very excited. Senior Night. Krypton Fanfare...what else do you need?

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Holy crap can you believe 11 seasons, 400 episodes? Yeah, me neither. But a solid win over the Tigers on the plains. Stats are for losers, the only stat that counts is the score. We won!

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We tried. We really tried to make it interesting and upbeat. Its hard. Its a big game to AU and UGA fans. Big damn game. Only three left. Gotta win it. Going to be lots and lots of running plays in this one. Get ready to Get After Their Asses!!

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So we get back in the win column with a pretty big win over the Cats of Kentucky. Damn glad to get it. winning 27-3 sure beats losing 27-3. We cover the game a little, talk about coaching a little and take 2 calls from Isaiah's dad...

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Since Epic Ass whooping has already been taken this year...and bitter disappointment and huge loss also have been taken...I guess we will settle on Post-mortem autopsy. We are the dumpster fire we used to make fun of. It's us. It's now.

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It's that time of year...we all make our annual pilgrimmage to the shores of south Georgia. To take on the hated Gators. WLOCP. What else do you need to know?

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