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FLORIDA WEEK! The Gurley news has us a little off message and we are using 2008 recording tech so its another throwback show. Truly, its nearly unlistenable. I apologize in advance! But we are gonna stomp UF tail this week! GATA!!

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Wow, the #365 gotta be kidding me! Never thought we would make it here!. Thanks for listening! Huge convincing win over the Razorbacks. 45-32

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JUST BEAT ARKANSAS...So we go retro this week...Have you ever longed for the good old days of the DawgCast? We've got a retro game coming up against 'run first' Arky so the Dawgcast is going retro too...old school record.

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Huge, convincing, complete Cialis style victory! Old Dawg was definitely excited for more than four hours! 50 rushes! Dominant Time of Possesion! Coverage and pressure! All the elements came together in an epic way! Fantastic satisfying win!

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Enough said. This Allen character is garbage and Gurley was selfish and stupid to get into bed with him. UGA needs to do  a better job of framing the narrative immediately

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Its a mega sized show! We talk about the wins over UT and Vandy, good and bad and then we move on to the Mizzou game. Its gonna be tough. Gotta get your game face ready

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So! Im trapped in the hottest place on earth! Thermal, CA making epic magic out here but it's taken me away from the bunker. Old Dawg is probably lying around in his underwear, waiting for my return. We tried to do a show remote but I couldnt get the's my explanation

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