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It's UT week....ahh, yes, that time of year when rednecks turn orange... We cover the keys, argue a bit and hear from the Intern about the Vols

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Big win against a small opponent...Dawgs Win big over Troy. 66-0. What went right, what still aint right and all the feelgood stories that come with a record breaking win

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Ahhh, the loss fades in the rear view, we have to get on with the rest of the season. Pruitt stands up like a man, looking for evidence of 'losers limp', finds none and says we will get better. Also, we got a game this week...TROY at noon! plus check out this shirt idea from  our buddy Burt!

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Sonofabitch....Two years in a row. 1-1. losing a game on the road. by three with tons of missed opportunities....damn

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Back to the old Billy B, Dawgs travel to USC for a SEC East showdown that  should provide a lot of clarity to the East Division. We break it down and clue you in on some stats and matchups to watch!

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DawgCast #356

Hell Yeah! Lots to talk about from Athens!! Running game, Gurley, Adjustments on D...just a big complete game from our Dawgs to start the season!

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