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MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THEE DAWGCAST!! More about that GT game and those coaches leavig for all sorts of reasons. Joe T, DGD is are Coaches Bobo and will that play out? only time will tell

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Why the Pooch Kick? We are pretty down in the dumps here in the bunker...but hey, We've got poetry and Isaiah McKenzie's dad to cheer things up.

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Its GT pre game...thats right kids, that time of year when the nerds come out of the hive on North Avenue full of hope and good cheer, only to be smashed on the rocks of reality as PJ's high school offense goes down in flames again

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Big, nice, easy, anxiety free win over Charleston Southern! We talk about the win and, of course, cups and T we cover a very special holiday opportunity...go to the website and to see an example of Michael's work.

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So, Its Charleston Southern Week!!! Hells yeah! Big Noon kickoff on the SEC network! All we know about CSU is that its located at exit 206 off of I-26 in South Carolina....but Every TShirt buyer gets a free current 2014 Stadium Cup for Free!! First 20 get the Vince Dooley Cup!!

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So, as you may know, I wasnt really thrilled with the Auburn Postgame that me and OLD Dawg did. IN fact, show #371 is a do over....this is a supplement to that. Enjoy...!

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So, Old Dawg pissed me off before we tried this show last night. We did a whole show. But I didnt like it. I was mad. So, this is our re-do. Happier show. Great win. Feels awesome. Loved every minute of it EXCEPT the part where Gurley fell down and grabbed his leg! Dammit.

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This is it. Saturday Night. 7pm. The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. It's why we bleed Red and Black. Its why we buy the tickets. And why they sweat and bleed 365 days a year. Its why we want to wear the G. Big Boy football. 2014. The path to the Promised Land goes thru Gus and Nick. Let's GATA. 

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Big Win in Lexington!! 63-31 Freshmen going crazy. Mason rebounds. Chubb marches on! Get ready for the Dawgs to be back in Athens!!!

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Yeah, Im a little late with this KY pregame...the UF game pushed everything back...but here we are, headed to Lexington. Needing a win. Keys, Pool winners...everything you need.

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