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MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THEE DAWGCAST!! More about that GT game and those coaches leavig for all sorts of reasons. Joe T, DGD is are Coaches Bobo and will that play out? only time will tell

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Why the Pooch Kick? We are pretty down in the dumps here in the bunker...but hey, We've got poetry and Isaiah McKenzie's dad to cheer things up.

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Its GT pre game...thats right kids, that time of year when the nerds come out of the hive on North Avenue full of hope and good cheer, only to be smashed on the rocks of reality as PJ's high school offense goes down in flames again

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Big, nice, easy, anxiety free win over Charleston Southern! We talk about the win and, of course, cups and T we cover a very special holiday opportunity...go to the website and to see an example of Michael's work.

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So, Its Charleston Southern Week!!! Hells yeah! Big Noon kickoff on the SEC network! All we know about CSU is that its located at exit 206 off of I-26 in South Carolina....but Every TShirt buyer gets a free current 2014 Stadium Cup for Free!! First 20 get the Vince Dooley Cup!!

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So, as you may know, I wasnt really thrilled with the Auburn Postgame that me and OLD Dawg did. IN fact, show #371 is a do over....this is a supplement to that. Enjoy...!

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So, Old Dawg pissed me off before we tried this show last night. We did a whole show. But I didnt like it. I was mad. So, this is our re-do. Happier show. Great win. Feels awesome. Loved every minute of it EXCEPT the part where Gurley fell down and grabbed his leg! Dammit.

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This is it. Saturday Night. 7pm. The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. It's why we bleed Red and Black. Its why we buy the tickets. And why they sweat and bleed 365 days a year. Its why we want to wear the G. Big Boy football. 2014. The path to the Promised Land goes thru Gus and Nick. Let's GATA. 

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Big Win in Lexington!! 63-31 Freshmen going crazy. Mason rebounds. Chubb marches on! Get ready for the Dawgs to be back in Athens!!!

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Yeah, Im a little late with this KY pregame...the UF game pushed everything back...but here we are, headed to Lexington. Needing a win. Keys, Pool winners...everything you need.

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Dammit...Im so tired of having to pick up these pieces and try to move forward...this show sucks. We are totally crushed. 

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FLORIDA WEEK! The Gurley news has us a little off message and we are using 2008 recording tech so its another throwback show. Truly, its nearly unlistenable. I apologize in advance! But we are gonna stomp UF tail this week! GATA!!

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Wow, the #365 gotta be kidding me! Never thought we would make it here!. Thanks for listening! Huge convincing win over the Razorbacks. 45-32

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JUST BEAT ARKANSAS...So we go retro this week...Have you ever longed for the good old days of the DawgCast? We've got a retro game coming up against 'run first' Arky so the Dawgcast is going retro too...old school record.

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Huge, convincing, complete Cialis style victory! Old Dawg was definitely excited for more than four hours! 50 rushes! Dominant Time of Possesion! Coverage and pressure! All the elements came together in an epic way! Fantastic satisfying win!

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Enough said. This Allen character is garbage and Gurley was selfish and stupid to get into bed with him. UGA needs to do  a better job of framing the narrative immediately

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Its a mega sized show! We talk about the wins over UT and Vandy, good and bad and then we move on to the Mizzou game. Its gonna be tough. Gotta get your game face ready

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So! Im trapped in the hottest place on earth! Thermal, CA making epic magic out here but it's taken me away from the bunker. Old Dawg is probably lying around in his underwear, waiting for my return. We tried to do a show remote but I couldnt get the's my explanation

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It's UT week....ahh, yes, that time of year when rednecks turn orange... We cover the keys, argue a bit and hear from the Intern about the Vols

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Big win against a small opponent...Dawgs Win big over Troy. 66-0. What went right, what still aint right and all the feelgood stories that come with a record breaking win

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Ahhh, the loss fades in the rear view, we have to get on with the rest of the season. Pruitt stands up like a man, looking for evidence of 'losers limp', finds none and says we will get better. Also, we got a game this week...TROY at noon! plus check out this shirt idea from  our buddy Burt!

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Sonofabitch....Two years in a row. 1-1. losing a game on the road. by three with tons of missed opportunities....damn

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Back to the old Billy B, Dawgs travel to USC for a SEC East showdown that  should provide a lot of clarity to the East Division. We break it down and clue you in on some stats and matchups to watch!

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DawgCast #356

Hell Yeah! Lots to talk about from Athens!! Running game, Gurley, Adjustments on D...just a big complete game from our Dawgs to start the season!

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The 2014 Cup

This is the cup! I know the Paypal button says 2013 cup but I dont have that cup anymore, just click CUP...I know what you want!

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The Cup and The Shirt!

The 2014 Shirt!



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FINISH THE DRILL FOR DAN MAGILL! We got a big tilt coming up against the Tigers! Maybe our last chance to even the ledger with the cats from Clemson for quite a while... we give you the stats, the keys...everything you need to know.. GATA!

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Well, its the last show before the real season begins. Join us as we wrap Fall Camp, look forward to Clemson and talk SEC Network...

Also, dont miss us on our new network affiliation at DawgSports Radio 

you can listen to us 24/7 on demand and never miss a show

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DawgCast #353

Well, one week and one scrimmage is in the books. Both went very well. I am deep into the Kool-aid and I am feeling this Defense and Offense...Chubb and Mackenzie and Carter and Jenkins....Lets GATA Dawg Fans!!

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DawgCast #352

Thats right! We aint dead yet! Season * is about to get under way. We lost another player for a bit of the season...proving the Spurrier is again correct.. Dang it! 

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The Dr SEC Spring Wrap Show '14

So spring ball has come and gone and the G Day game has come and gone. I was there but I had to fly out the next morning at 5 am and I've pretty much been gone from the bunker since. This is a show I did for a memphis radio station with Dr. SEC. check it out...We'll be back full force when there's something you need to know!

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DawgCast Special Edition Spring '14

Got a chance to sit in on the Dr. SEC show in Memphis TN tonight...lots of talk about  the Dawgs spring practices, etc...thought you might enjoy.

Email me and let me know what you think about these bits

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Spring Ball 2014! So we're only getting about 6 minutes of football news per much to talk about. But we do have CheckGate 2014 scandal and news about Gurley...

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DawgCast #350

Ok, so McGarity wants a 'pump up the crowd' song...which I guess is insurance against bad play..because if you're kicking ass, you dont need to pump up the crowd...Anyhoo, fake juice is fake juice...dammit

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It's our Annual Reverse Recruiting AND regular, plain old recruiting wrap up for the latest class...Check it out. Long show, lots to talk about

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JUST PRUITT! Old Dawg gets his "do-over"

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Special Dr. SEC Edition

Hey guys, I had a chance to sit in on the Dr. SEC show yesterday during the Pruitt presser and we talked about all things Jeremy Pruitt!

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Here we go...basically we take some good news, GRANTHAM LEAVING and turn it into a 30 minute argument. Also, we do have some actual news and entertainment...From Dr. SEC at  He brings all kinds of SEC news including the news on Lakatos, Grantham, Kiffin, Franklin and Searles...some great stuff and lots of yelling in this show. 

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