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Ok, so...its time for the Gator Bowl on NEW YEARS DAY at noon on the Deuce! It dont get no better! Lets GATA Dawgs!!

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DawgCast #345

Hey guys and gals! We are still alive. Just working hard since black friday and couldnt do the show! Thanks for hanging in there with us. Big win over the Nerds of North Avenue! Spotted them 20 and still got the W.

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Its Hate Week. Beat the Nerds! Time to mix it up with our pesky insectile neighbors...We cover everything you need to know about this game

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Aaron Murray is out for the season. Period. It sucks. Huge game, Dawgs win easily. Mason looks good, heck, everyone looked good...but it cost us the leader of the unit. Not good. Crappy season for injuries all around. He deserved better. Played 13 plays on torn ACL. kid is a beast

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Its an Auburn post game wrap up and the Kentucky Pre game! All wrapped into one! Thanks for waiting. Here we go!! Its all about Aaron #11

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Guys, we arent dead...or in a ditch...or in a hospital or jail....

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Lackluster game gets a lackluster show... just didnt feel great did it? Seem like we're having fun out there? nope. 45-6 but just didnt feel it. Hard to pinpoint...Gotta get ready for AU

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It's App State Pre-game..they're a bad AA team...2-7 on the year. Main focus=playing alternates on Offense and starters on D...And you can bet GTG wants to keep em under 21 points

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Dawgs win in Jax! 3-0! Three in a row! A tale of two halves...the Dawgs find the composure and ground game to close out the Gators and Muschump for third year in a row...I said it's be....a Georgia Bulldog!!

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It's the real 'HATE' week...Man I hate the Gators. They eat boogers and they wear jean shorts...Big matchup this week at 3:30 on CBS with a huge downside for the loser....Lets make that be Muschump

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We Lost to Vandy. 'nuf said. Really.

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Its time to get back on the Ship... A Commodore vessel that is! We have a noon tilt against the Dores of Nash.. and to lose is unthinkable, so...........We MUST WIN!!

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Woe, Woe...woe is me. you aint gonna like this show. Probably shouldnt listen

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DawgCast #333 and 334!

Hey there! Wanna hear a little follow up to a mildly exciting UT game and maybe look forward to a little MIzzou style game in Sanford stadium?? Well have we got some good news for you!!

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On the road historic Neyland stadium...102,000 strong. We dont have Gurley or Matthews but dont fret, your buddies in the bunker have all the info you need to get ready for this 3:30 kickoff SEC East contest!


Go to the website at and sign up then click on NCAAF and find the UGA vs UT game 

OR click here to go directly to our live broadcast page. It starts at 3:20pm saturday

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Dawgs Win!! A big one over the LSU Tigers!! 44-41...congrats all around!!

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Yeah, GET UP!! Its GameDay...Its Saturday. Its Top Ten football!! Lets GATA. Got to shut down the run, Sack Mett and control the Line of Scrimmage on both sides....Big Boy football, lets go

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Ok, So...45-21...I didnt think it was such a breakdown, two plays on "not so" special teams and its a 45-7 beatdown...but Old Dawg thinks we are in the ditch again

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Back to work! North Texas this week. A conditioning test for our D. A cakewalk for our O. Lets see what happens....

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Dawgs Win 41-30. Huge game! Worked out exactly like we planned it out! Sweet redemption! GO Dawgs!!

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DawgCast #326

SEC Opener! Home Opener! Spurrier! What else do you need?? Lets get the W. Lets GATA!!!

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It's GO time. Lets find out what these 2013 Dawgs are made of. Time to head up to Clem-town for a little business trip. Dawgs Win big 42-24


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DawgCast #323

Fall Camp is over. Time to get down to real business. We are planning for a little business trip up to cow-town to take on the tigers. Lets wrap up the preseason, and start getting ready for Clemson.


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DawgCast #322

We've got one week of camp in the books. All the news you need to know going into today's frist scrimmage of fall. plus HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE POOL!!

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Its GO TIME!! Football is back and that means the Dawgcast is back. The only source of bulldog news you need! The original and the best! Kicking ass since 2007! Fall camp starts today. So listen up , catch up, bow up and HUNKER DOWN

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Its NSD!! Great Class in for the Dawgs! Does it have enough beef? NO. Is it the end of Georgia Football? No. Is it as good of a class at 2009 or 2012? Maybe not but we totally restocked the shelves with 32 players and Im ready for SPRING BALL!

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OK, so its the Bowl Wrap show. We beat Nebraska and Bama beat ND. What ya gonna do? We got a new DL coach and lost a ton of players on D. Kept some on O and got some early enrollee help across the board. Lets Go Dawgs!!

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