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Welcome to the 2nd Annual SECCG pregame show. We are going to take the fight to Bama for 60 full minutes! Bank it! GATA!!

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Well...that was a beatdown. GT is anemic. I almost feel kinda sorry for the Nerds. Almost. Big Boy football coming up. 

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Holy Crap!! Hang on to your hat! We beat GSu and now its time to look to Atlanta. Dont get too excited about the future. Gotta take it one game at a time!!

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2012 SEC EAST CHAMPS!! Chizik and Trooper Taylor are done...Defense pitches a shutout...pretty damn great weekend!! Now lets get ready for GSU!

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It's time to close out the EAST. I know, I know...I didnt think it could happen either, but it has come to this. BEAT AUBURN! Lets go Dawgs, Lets be the End of Chizik and Taylor...

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Ring that beautiful Chapel Bell again! Dawgs win big over the Rebels and now its on to the plains of Auburn to Finish The Drill

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RING THAT BELL!! Dawgs win big over the hated Gators! We have dominated them 2 years in a row now...all is well in the world! Time to get ready for the Black Bears of Ol Miss!!

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