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I love me some Sam Jackson

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Getting deeper into the East....A huge game for Derek and Co as Big Orange rolls into Athens. And we got something for em!

Bring it on, you rednecks!

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Order is restored in the Universe. Vandy is who we thought they were. Our homecoming punch. Thanks for the feedback. lets go dawgs!

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Vandy Pre-Game. Lets do this! Franklin vs Grantham. I think Grantham has the much bigger set of guns...Vandy looking a little anemic so far...We've got everything you need to know to get ready for this showdown on Saturday Night!

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Holy Crap! The Dawgs are 3-0, ranked number FIVE and we have show #300 ready to go! By fans, For Fans..the best damn Bulldog entertainment podcast of all time!!

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First Big Test of this season...Dawgs vs. Tigers in Columbia, how wierd does that sound! Lets go Dawgs!

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Ok, its a more than we had at this point last year...So suck it up and old man up for Missouri! I totally forgot to mention the POOL winner for the week, I'll do that weds nite. Old dawg is in Orlando, so Bernie keeps the seat warm as we break down this game....settle down out there!

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