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Trick or Treat, Let THE BIG DAWG EAT!! Dawgs win! Gators Lose! Thats all you need to know!!

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Its time to get down to business. Time to head out to the WLOCP. Time to shake off this monkey and get back to our domination of FU. Time to put aside all of the crap...the timeouts, bad calls, fun and gun, spurrier, meyer, tebow....put it all aside and close the deal on these gators. Gators wear Jean Shorts, dammit! 

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Vandy Post Game...Todd Grantham style!! We take care of business in Tennessee for the second straight week. We cover the game, the rushing, the tackling, the coaches and 

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New Show! UT Post game analysis and Yandy Pre Game look...I was traveling all week and really had to put this one together on the fly...Special guest host BernieDawg this week! And Big Jeff will be back next week also. Let me know what you think about these two guys!

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UGA vs UT Pre Game...The first big passing test since Boise and me and Old dawg are in the bunker with guest star Jeff Owens Big #95. We tell you everything you need to know. As usual!

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I dont care what idiots are saying. It was a great win over a quality coached and tough SEC opponent. Defense is stellar and Offense is doing its job. THREE WINS in a row in conference play. Way to go Dawgs!!

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