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Yeah. yeah, yeah...Ive been traveling alot im telling ya! So, we've got another dual show. So what?? Even at one show a week, we are still twice as good as any other podcast! Beat MISS STATE!

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And....we're back. With a Chants postgame breakdown...beat em 59-0 and an Ol Miss Pre-game. Theyre not very good either...but either way Aaron Murray needs to step his game way up. Let go Dawgs! and take this road show down to the Grove and get it on!

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Its Dawgs vs Chants! and we've got a rambling mess of a show. We are truly playing down to our competition on this show.

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Damn, Dawgs lose a heartbreaker to the Gamecocks 45-42. This one stings but offers a silver lining as well. Room for hope. Just a little...This show runs long but I promise we will make it up in brevity on the Chants pre-game!

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The Evil one returns to Athens with a beatdown on his mind. As usual. Name of this game is stop #21. Stop the run, stop Spurrier. And we gotta protect Murray! Lets go Dawgs!

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0-1. Not so much that we lost but HOW we lost is pretty demoralizing. Period. Not much else to say.

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It's GO TIME!! In the  Dome. Broncos versus Dawgs. We break down the pregame and the atmosphere and everything you need to know about this huge opening game. Call Us at 706-363-0210 or email us at Get us on your smartphone at and use the PROMO CODE "Dawgs"


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