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Long Hot summer is almost over. Football is almost here. Dawgs went to the Dome this week and we had a good scrimmage and people are getting healthier. Still alot of injuries. But...gotta break some eggs to make an omelet. Lets GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL....GATA

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Hey, Old Dawg is back in the bunker and we've got some real news finally. New uniforms are out, injuries are up and koolade is cooking...check us out at on your smartphone or subscribe on iTunes for free. Call us at 706-363-0210 or email us at

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12 practices into the fall and still no major injuries on the field. Ray Drew crashed a scooter, Crowell has a pulled groin and Samuel has a bad quad....SEC stays at 12, for now. and We are being supported by Stitcher Radio, check us out at 

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Fall Camp is upon us! We are four practices in to a 29 practice schedule before Boise St. We bring you up to date on everything you need to know and do it with style! We've got a new guest  host in the Bunker tonight so go easy on him. Its "The Count" from Athens! Formerly of WUOG, Drew brings the "Young Dawg" perspective!

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