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Outback Bowl Special

we're back with a little more white meat for your New Years day Dinner. Me and Bernie from Bernies Dawg Blog take a closer look at the Spartans to see what they really might have in store for us. And Jake calls the Dawgs to get em fired up...then we close with an oldie but a goodie in The SEC is Better Than The Big Ten 

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DawgCast#290 Outback Bowl!

Its Bowl time baby! Lets meet at Ybor City and rock it out on New Years's what you need to know about Old Sparty and the MSU Spartans...

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So, Im over the mugging that was the second half of the SECCG, I Bonded out of county and missed the Munson Memorial....but we had some big news on the recruiting front and other items too and we cover them all for you right here....

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Wow, its bonus week and we have a supersize show in store for you....special guests from the Geaux Show and also we have a great segment with Jeff Owens, who was on the field the last time we won the SEC Champ Game. Check out Jeff's new show on Dec 6th at 7pm by clicking here! Also you can check out the guys from The Geaux show by clicking here... Lets Go Dawgs!

Be sure to email us at

and call in at 706-363-0210

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Dawgs Win! Ten in a row! Murray throws 34 TD's! Nerds lose (as usual)! Just an all around great day to be a Georgia Bulldog!

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A week of big wins and big losses. We take Kentucky and the East and lose a legend in Larry Munson. The DawgCast is very sad but we gotta play through and with it and honor Larry by hunkering down one more time!

Lets go Dawgs!

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Im solo this week and Im sure its super boring...Ally and Bernie and Drewbie and Big Jeff all have real jobs and I just figured I had to put out a little something of a here it is! your UGA vs KY pregame!

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I just had to share this video, the more I watch it, the better it is. Seriously, I love this video. Thanks to CryTebow for editing and producing it!

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Epic show for an Epic win! A win for the ages! an all time performance! Great Job Dawgs! Love for everyone! Enough to go around!

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DawgCast EAB#3

We just didnt do good enough on that pre-game show for this weeks big game...So we are reloading a newer more intense effort! Get some!

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