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Hey! A win is a win in this state. and bowl eligibilty is now secured. so we are going to get that extra practice time that we so richly need.... Beating the nerds, no. OWNING the nerds is always fun. Always fun to wipe that smug look right off that face...AND we got the only Rhodes Scholar this year....Suck it, Nerds....

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Clean Old Fashioned Hate week is on us...Its Dawgs vs. Nerds. Lets get it on, once again. 

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we lost. thats it. The better team won and the best QB in college football kicked tail, but our guy is pretty good too...

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Is this game big enough for you? Got enough media coverage?? Yeah, Cam Newton is blowing up but we still got a game to play and your broadcast team covers it from every angle! Lets go Dawgs!!

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We put a smackdown on a team we are supposed to smackdown...thats about it. call us 706-363-0210 or email us at

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Im heartsick about the loss and not very enthusiastic about the game coming up. We try to blend a level of fans heart and analyst brains on the show but this week is all heart. broken heart. 

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