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Hey, its a double show, but not really cause Im trying to get to Jax just like you....we cover the Kentucky win and the upcoming contest with UF. Get to the WORLDS LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY!!! Lets Go Dawgs! Hunker Down!

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Quick little note about the kentucky postgame show and the upcoming UF pre-game...featuring the showbiz kid

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Night game in Lexington! Watch out, Dawgs. We've got to limit turnovers, play for 60 minutes and keep UK's offense off the field with a superior running problem, right??

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Big win! 43-0 over the Dores, starting to put this thing together , Dawgfans. Pitched a SEC shutout at home for the first time under Grantham....or Martinez...or Vangorder....

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Homecoming! changing of the collar! New UGA!! UGA VIII....bout time for a new damn good dawg! We got the Dores coming in with their goofy big head mascot. We need to take control early and put their offense away early. With King out, Ealey will get most of the work on the ground. Lets GATA!

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Finally, a complete game against a team we were supposed to beat! I know we have to temper our excitement but dammit, a win is a win! and I'll take 41 points against a team that LSU struggled to put 16 on...Good stuff on O, D and ST...Hey AJ returned a punt!! We break it all down for you here as we do every week! By fans, For fans. GATA!

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So...its been since 1906 since UGA and UT have played and neither team had a winning record, that officially qualifies as nightmare scenario for the losing team this saturday. So lets show up early, be loud and stay late! Cmon Dawg Fans, its time for all of us to Hunker Down. And if youre interested in our little S&C video montage---here's  LINK #1 and here is LINK #2 and here is LINK #3 watch them all and then you decide which one is not like the others....

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Aint this a fine mess?? Dawgs lose again and the wheels continue to find new and excruciating ways to fall off. On the Colorado 27 with 1:55 to go...down by problem, right?? Defense is failing us, Offense is failing us....we gotta keep pulling together, there aint nothing else to do...

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Rocky Mountain High...about a mile high, in fact. Dawgs travel 3 time zones to get to Boulder and take on the colorado buffaloes! Im expecting a close game with the dawgs pulling out a win using the passing game and the newly re-instated All American AJ Green. Call us at 706-363-0210

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