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Trigger the Doomsday Scenarios! Start storing food, dig your fallout shelters...the end times are nigh! Dawgs lose to Miss St for the first time in forever, modern recorded history. If you think we are gonna yell and scream, we are not, we are past that and cooler heads are going to prevail.

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Big Game! Dawgs vs. Dogs. Purebreds vs. Mongrels. Our Dawgs travel to the smallest loudest stadium in the SEC to see if they can secure our first win in the conference. Manny Diaz has a tough D and Mullen will be running the Spread, yet another offensive package for the 3-4 to work out.

Lets GATA!

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Bitterly dissapointing loss in Athens. Dawgs Lose and go 0-2 in the SEC fr the first time since Arkansas last beat us. Fans are hurt, players are hurt, and the coaching staff is looking for places to put the blame. Not good. But not all bad either. You might be surprised by what we are thinking in the bunker. 

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Big game in Athens, DawgFans! Ryan Mallett and Bobby Petrino bring their aerial assault to the Hedges and we are gonna be ready. We wont know about AJ green until friday at the earliest so we are planning to go forward without him. We've got a few injuries with chapas. Bean and B Smith...but we are preparing to bring the heat on mallett and run the ball right at em! Go Dawgs. Give us a call at 706-363-0210 or email us at

Also, sorry Ive been neglecting the Pool Pickem Report. I will bring yall up to date next week!

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Damn, that smarts! A tough loss in the "famously hot" city of Columbia to the gamecocks of SC 17-6... Poor tackling and poorer play calling doom the effort for the Dawgs. We cover it all for you and more. Plus, i discuss my intense dislike of Seth Emerson at and 478-744-4200

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Sooo, AJ aint gonna play and all I wanna talk about is how we cant talk about AJ, so we spend 10 minutes talking about why we shouldnt be talking about AJ. Time for some other players to step up. Lets Sell some Jerseys! some 12's and some 7's! In the bookstore!! Seriously, not our best show, my head is still a little screwy from all this AJ stuff...

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Dawgs win big 55-7 over the Ragin Cajuns! inally we have real football action to talk about. Big Defense, good offense and pretty special special teams...We break it all down for you from the bunker. Give us a call at 706-363-0210 or email

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Dawgs vs Cajuns! Finally, we almost have something interesting to talk about. We breakdown the game and introduce you to the ULL Ragin Cajuns. First ever meeting between the schools. Let's light this candle! If you wanna join the Football Pickem Pool, Click this link and enter the password -- derek

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