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Last show of the Fall camp...tomorrow its officially GAME WEEK. So, we do a little housekeeping. We talk Washaun and Loran Smith. We talk about the new Koolade recipe, the "Grantham 3-4". Man, I AM READY FOR SOME BULLDOG FOOTBALL!!

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New show! Same old crappy hosts. The Georgia podcast that is "For fans, By fans" is back up to full strength in the bunker but our sound quality is worse than ever. We oughta have that fixed soon. Not much news in Athens since last show, but we cover it and get back up to speed. One more week of fundamentals and then its GAME WEEK!

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15 days!! Still solo in the bunker but the next show will remedy that, I promise! Some injury news and some scrimmage news and CMR making ESPN Top Ten Plays!

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It's go time! Fall camp! 22 days to go. Let's GATA. 10 days into fall camp and Im breaking down everything you need to know and welcoming a co-host on episode 230...

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