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DawgCast#257 Liberty Bowl Pre-Game

Its time to do what we do...beat up on small underpowered teams! lets go Dawgs! Its Liberty Bowl 2010! 

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So, it that special time of year and I've got a wrap up show for the pre-bowl season and a special guest on the show tonight...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, lets beat the Golden Knights!

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Hey, its freezing outside! so it must be december....and since we dont have any Championship games to talk about...we'll bring you up to speed on the events happening in Athens the last few days....

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Hey! A win is a win in this state. and bowl eligibilty is now secured. so we are going to get that extra practice time that we so richly need.... Beating the nerds, no. OWNING the nerds is always fun. Always fun to wipe that smug look right off that face...AND we got the only Rhodes Scholar this year....Suck it, Nerds....

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Clean Old Fashioned Hate week is on us...Its Dawgs vs. Nerds. Lets get it on, once again. 

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we lost. thats it. The better team won and the best QB in college football kicked tail, but our guy is pretty good too...

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Is this game big enough for you? Got enough media coverage?? Yeah, Cam Newton is blowing up but we still got a game to play and your broadcast team covers it from every angle! Lets go Dawgs!!

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We put a smackdown on a team we are supposed to smackdown...thats about it. call us 706-363-0210 or email us at

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Im heartsick about the loss and not very enthusiastic about the game coming up. We try to blend a level of fans heart and analyst brains on the show but this week is all heart. broken heart. 

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Hey, its a double show, but not really cause Im trying to get to Jax just like you....we cover the Kentucky win and the upcoming contest with UF. Get to the WORLDS LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY!!! Lets Go Dawgs! Hunker Down!

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Quick little note about the kentucky postgame show and the upcoming UF pre-game...featuring the showbiz kid

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Night game in Lexington! Watch out, Dawgs. We've got to limit turnovers, play for 60 minutes and keep UK's offense off the field with a superior running problem, right??

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Big win! 43-0 over the Dores, starting to put this thing together , Dawgfans. Pitched a SEC shutout at home for the first time under Grantham....or Martinez...or Vangorder....

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Homecoming! changing of the collar! New UGA!! UGA VIII....bout time for a new damn good dawg! We got the Dores coming in with their goofy big head mascot. We need to take control early and put their offense away early. With King out, Ealey will get most of the work on the ground. Lets GATA!

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Finally, a complete game against a team we were supposed to beat! I know we have to temper our excitement but dammit, a win is a win! and I'll take 41 points against a team that LSU struggled to put 16 on...Good stuff on O, D and ST...Hey AJ returned a punt!! We break it all down for you here as we do every week! By fans, For fans. GATA!

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So...its been since 1906 since UGA and UT have played and neither team had a winning record, that officially qualifies as nightmare scenario for the losing team this saturday. So lets show up early, be loud and stay late! Cmon Dawg Fans, its time for all of us to Hunker Down. And if youre interested in our little S&C video montage---here's  LINK #1 and here is LINK #2 and here is LINK #3 watch them all and then you decide which one is not like the others....

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Aint this a fine mess?? Dawgs lose again and the wheels continue to find new and excruciating ways to fall off. On the Colorado 27 with 1:55 to go...down by problem, right?? Defense is failing us, Offense is failing us....we gotta keep pulling together, there aint nothing else to do...

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Rocky Mountain High...about a mile high, in fact. Dawgs travel 3 time zones to get to Boulder and take on the colorado buffaloes! Im expecting a close game with the dawgs pulling out a win using the passing game and the newly re-instated All American AJ Green. Call us at 706-363-0210

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Trigger the Doomsday Scenarios! Start storing food, dig your fallout shelters...the end times are nigh! Dawgs lose to Miss St for the first time in forever, modern recorded history. If you think we are gonna yell and scream, we are not, we are past that and cooler heads are going to prevail.

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Big Game! Dawgs vs. Dogs. Purebreds vs. Mongrels. Our Dawgs travel to the smallest loudest stadium in the SEC to see if they can secure our first win in the conference. Manny Diaz has a tough D and Mullen will be running the Spread, yet another offensive package for the 3-4 to work out.

Lets GATA!

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Bitterly dissapointing loss in Athens. Dawgs Lose and go 0-2 in the SEC fr the first time since Arkansas last beat us. Fans are hurt, players are hurt, and the coaching staff is looking for places to put the blame. Not good. But not all bad either. You might be surprised by what we are thinking in the bunker. 

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Big game in Athens, DawgFans! Ryan Mallett and Bobby Petrino bring their aerial assault to the Hedges and we are gonna be ready. We wont know about AJ green until friday at the earliest so we are planning to go forward without him. We've got a few injuries with chapas. Bean and B Smith...but we are preparing to bring the heat on mallett and run the ball right at em! Go Dawgs. Give us a call at 706-363-0210 or email us at

Also, sorry Ive been neglecting the Pool Pickem Report. I will bring yall up to date next week!

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Damn, that smarts! A tough loss in the "famously hot" city of Columbia to the gamecocks of SC 17-6... Poor tackling and poorer play calling doom the effort for the Dawgs. We cover it all for you and more. Plus, i discuss my intense dislike of Seth Emerson at and 478-744-4200

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Sooo, AJ aint gonna play and all I wanna talk about is how we cant talk about AJ, so we spend 10 minutes talking about why we shouldnt be talking about AJ. Time for some other players to step up. Lets Sell some Jerseys! some 12's and some 7's! In the bookstore!! Seriously, not our best show, my head is still a little screwy from all this AJ stuff...

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Dawgs win big 55-7 over the Ragin Cajuns! inally we have real football action to talk about. Big Defense, good offense and pretty special special teams...We break it all down for you from the bunker. Give us a call at 706-363-0210 or email

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Dawgs vs Cajuns! Finally, we almost have something interesting to talk about. We breakdown the game and introduce you to the ULL Ragin Cajuns. First ever meeting between the schools. Let's light this candle! If you wanna join the Football Pickem Pool, Click this link and enter the password -- derek

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Last show of the Fall camp...tomorrow its officially GAME WEEK. So, we do a little housekeeping. We talk Washaun and Loran Smith. We talk about the new Koolade recipe, the "Grantham 3-4". Man, I AM READY FOR SOME BULLDOG FOOTBALL!!

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New show! Same old crappy hosts. The Georgia podcast that is "For fans, By fans" is back up to full strength in the bunker but our sound quality is worse than ever. We oughta have that fixed soon. Not much news in Athens since last show, but we cover it and get back up to speed. One more week of fundamentals and then its GAME WEEK!

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15 days!! Still solo in the bunker but the next show will remedy that, I promise! Some injury news and some scrimmage news and CMR making ESPN Top Ten Plays!

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It's go time! Fall camp! 22 days to go. Let's GATA. 10 days into fall camp and Im breaking down everything you need to know and welcoming a co-host on episode 230...

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Well, this aint exactly what I had in mind for show #228 but we dont always get to pick the headlines. If we did, i sure as heck wouldn't have picked this one. But anyway, Damon Evans is toast, if you had hope on thursday that he might survive, as I did...all that evaporated on Friday with the release of the police report. New show in about ten days when Hale gets back from Honeymoon!

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G-Day 2010!! The final scrimmage of spring and we've got everything you need to know about whats been happening and whats gonna happen this weekend. The game kicks off at 2pm on saturday and it will be on CSS, XM and Sirius as well as the regular radio outlets. Tonight we've got special guest, David Hale of the Macon Telegraph and Bulldogs Blog to fill you in on whats what!

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Yeah, I know, its been awhile! The longest hiatus we've ever had since the show started. I appreciate the love and the comments and the feedback and I promise the show is not gonna die and we are not retired. Im back today solo and I've got news about the team and tailgating.... Let's roll.

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DawgCast#225 Dawgs WIN 44-20 over an over-worked out-manned Texas A&M. Now we break down and re-live the game. It was a good win but pretty meaningless in the big scheme. While we are recording, Tech has just lost to the Dawgs in Stegman in mens basketball and the football team is getting beat to death by Iowa...ahhh, good times....
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