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DawgCast#221 Hate Week! Lets get it on, Nerds!! You're so damn anxious to start your little dynasty dance and your ACC championship dance, you might be overlooking the old Dawgs. But we are gonna bring it and play to win o saturday!

Cmon Dawgs, Hunker Down, Beat the Damn Nerds
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DawgCast#220 Fail. Loss. worst game of Richts career at UGA.
What else do you need to know?
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DawgCast#219 UGA VII has passed away. It's Senior Day. Its at night on ESPN2. And we've got kentucky coming to town. What more motivation would you need than a dawghouse with flowers and wreaths laid all over it? Kentucky has one good offensive weapon and he may be out and certainly wont be 100% Let's finish the Drill Dawgs!
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DawgCast#218 What a game! Most complete game of the year in every category. Thrilling! Offense and defense do their job, special teams...meh...But the NO QUIT DAWGS come thru big. No one any bigger than Baccari Rambo. Damned good dawg!

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DawgCast#217 Its Georgia -- Auburn Pre-game. We break down this weeks contest as well as get in a dig at the incredible Lane Kiffin/UT football breaking news. This week is gonna be all about us stopping gus' offense and not committing any turnovers. Think we can do it?
We'll see.

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DawgCast#216 Youth is served! Big day for freshmen and sophmores as the Dawgs score on their first 5 possessions. Big day for offense and defense. Every one looks good (but we still cant get a turnover!!). Beautiful weather, good food, good music, big win! Altogether delightful day!

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dawgCast#215 Homecoming! And,bo, do we need it! its been 38 days since the dawgs have been Tween the Hedges and we need a dose of good old homecooking to get us back on track. Sure, cox is still the starter and King is gonna run it but hey, its homecoming and its on pay-per-view....grab a frosty adult beverage and relax...the staff has it all under control....
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DawgCast#214 Black Sunday! Heck, black saturday too, i guess....The Dawgs come out in black helmets and pants on saturday and everyone was scared except the Gators...who promptly handed us our ass again....17 out of the last 20. We spare you the usual, "fire all the coordinators" talk and focus on trying to make something out of the ashes of this crashed season.

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