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DawgCast#213 Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party! This is it! The big one! Saint Tebow is in his victory lap. we've got one more chance to crush his spirit, his dreams, his season...We are just the team to do it and this is just the time to do it. Come on Dawgs!!! Hunker Down ONE MORE TIME!!!

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DawgCast#212 UGA 34- Vandy 10! Stick that in your Blackout and smoke it! So we get an important win at an important time in our season. Defense loos better (except evans) and offense gets better with some important running. We cover it all and break it down going into the Off week.

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DawgCast#211 UGA vs. Vandy---Homecoming Edition! Yep, theyre calling for a blackout of us on their homecoming. We've got a player arrested and out and so do they. They have the worst passing offense and we have the....well, you know how our pass defense is. They have a pretty darn good defense, so our running game is going to be tested again.

Let GATA Dawgs!!

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DawgCast#210 Yeah, I know it sucks. Fire everyone. I was as pissed as anyone on saturday and I want fire and answers from CMR as much as anyone, but we are all still Dawg Fans and we still gotta alot of football to play. Hope you get this show...

Sorry about post game comments.
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Emergency Action Bulletin 2 Hey guys, Derek here with a special response to Jeff in San Diego about Kick coverage. And I wanna say something else, I'm with D. Hale about fans this week, everyone needs to take a deep breath, come in off the ledge, and settle down. We beat UT and we are right on track for what we thought this season would just settle down.
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DawgCast#209 UGA vs. UT Pre-game---must find running game, must hit crompton, gotta get mike moore involved...there you go, Dawg Fans...once again, this game isnt about what they do but what we do to ourselves. Gonna shoot ourselves in the foot or are we gonna win by 20?? Lets find out on the SEC TV network at 12:21 saturday.

Go Dawgs!
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DawgCast#208 Dawgs come up short. I know, I know, everyone is pissed but Im telling you, it was a pretty damn good defensive gameplan. O-line is horrible on run, too much to put on Cox and Green, They cant do it all by themselves. Special teams still arent very special. Too damn much football left to get cold feet now. Gotta keep going!
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DawgCast#207 UGA vs LSU! Pre-game! Let's get it on! Miles has never beaten Richt and I wanna keep it that way. We gotta stop their deep ball and C. Scott and we will be ok. They have a good DB but no run stoppers. We're all gonna find out on saturday at 3:30 what's up...

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