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DawgCast#206 The Cardiac Dawgs come thru again in the clutch! Dawgs Win 20-17. but I aint dancing on the G, I'll tell you that. Late show but good.  Lets go.
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DawgCast#205 Ok, its ASU Sun Devils vs. The Dawgs...we're not expecting much fight from these pac 10 demons but you never know. we cover the game and tell you what you need to know about whats soming out of Athens...Hint- its all about Martinez, Cox and Green....
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DawgCast#204 Whew Part Deux--Dawgs Win in a no defense shootout 52-41 over the Hogs. Swine flu never felt so good! We go crazy throwing the ball with all receivers making their mark. TE's come up big, AJ and Mike Moore also...
caleb King is back and looks pretty good. Samuel rips an 80 yarder...all good on offense, well, except turnovers in our own territory and enough penalties to choke a hog! but on Defense things are looking even worse for our poor old DB's who got torched again....

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DawgCast#203 UGA vs Ark...Pre-game. we cover this weeks lethargic practices, dont worry. caleb King is gonna be ready to play, apparently. And We think the Dawgs can do it.
Ball control, limit mistakes in penalties and turnovers, and crush Mallett.
Thats it!
Go Dawgs!
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DawgCast#202 DAWGS WIN!! DAWGS WIN!! 41-37!Barnburner in Athens! We get an important win in conferecnce and division but it aint all sunshine and roses. We are happy with the win but we bring it to you straight by fans for fans...

plus you just gotta check this video out, click here

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DawgCast#201 UGA vs. USC-- Always a tough game, the Gamecocks always play their hearts out against us. Their defense is going to present a problem. Not much to talk about, we just gotta play better. Better ball protection, better play calling and better execution in every phase. Dammit, GATA Dawgs!!
Their offense is even more putrid than ours. So it should be a barnburner of 7-3 or 3-2!!

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DawgCast#200 Not the way I wanted to start the season or Show #200. First opening loss since 1996. Time to take some medicine...

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DawgCast#199 It's GO TIME...OSU doesn't wanna shake our hands, that's fine..Play your pathetic dosido fight song and then lets get it on. We break down the stats, the scores, the Offenses and the defenses. We even have an exclusive with that wild and crazy Gundy guy. Let's get this 2009 campaign cranked!

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