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DawgCast#185 The Annual Reverse Recruiting Show...Its our regular look-back at the four year old recruiting class...We like to go back and look at who got how many stars and who didnt and how that whole Rivals crap actually looks four years later. Check out that old school graphic!
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DawgCast#184 Free Willy! We come to you with a live report and some breaking news from Miami. Even when we think we're wrong, we're still right! (I hope!)

Get that prayer chain started!
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DawgCast#183 So long Staff and KnoMo! They're gone and we're moving on. It's the Joe Cox show now. We tell you what happened and what needs to happen, as usual!

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DawgCast#182 UGA 24  MSU 12---Nice Bowl win! Hey, we're undefeated in 2009 so far! Dawgs play a nice Defensive game and a nice offensive 2nd half and its enough to double up the Spartans. We give credit to Staff, Moreno and Moore...also, defensive line, backers, lots of good feelings to go around. We're looking for something to build on for next year! Let's Go Dawgs!
Thanks for a great season DawgNation!
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