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DawgCast#173 This is it! Georgia Florida! The one game that matters more than any other except a natty... We break it down for you stats, keys, info...everything you need to be a part of the Dawg Intelligensia... Listen up and then get your butt to Jzx and call the Dawgs!
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DawgCast#172 MOJO!  This was the game we've all been waiting for! All year! Complete performance by our coordinators, O-line, Staff, Moreno, Green...Everyone. Not perfect but pretty darn good. We break it down for you! And remember vote in out poll...What does Urban Meyer look like?

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DawgCast#171 UGA vs LSU! Big game, big show...Me and OD pull out all the stops in tonight episode. We've got a special with the guys from the Geaux Show as well as a report from deep inside the Searles home. If Coach Searles is on a permanent media blackout, then we'll take the next best thing--his oldest daughter, Taylor. We've got the same keys to victory as we always do--Don't screw up!

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DawgCast#170 Homecoming! Good win against a Top 25 team...No other way to say it. It wasn't pretty but it was a W. No huge injuries and Evans got sat down in favor of V. Cuff so there's another positive thing... We cover offense, defense, penalties and Wil-Mart. A real Blue-Collar effort by the Dawgs. I just hope theyre saving their energy for Baton Rouge!
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DawgCast#169 UGA vs Vandy! Homecoming! The first game in our critical three week stretch run. The old Johnson has switched out for his throwing QB and is looking to cause trouble in Athens. We let you know what's going on in town and all the prep for the game...

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DawgCast#168 ok, third time...I loaded this show on sunday night just like usual, never checked it again, just assumed it worked. It didnt. Here it is, the UGA-UT postgame. Sorry. Wont type anymore, just listen.
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DawgCast#167 UGA vs UT! Get your sorry butt up and get excited about this game! Don't forget this team put us down 28-0 last year in the first half. They scored 55 on us in Athens two years ago. Don't you want to be the final nail in Fulmer's coffin? Don't you want to smash Rocky Top in the face with a hobnail boot? Let's get it on!

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DawgCast#166 Last week- the week we shall not speak of... Here you go, you bloodsuckers! A UGA-UA post game sorta. We were so deflated after that beatdown it took us a week to do a show about it. Heck, OD is still in the hospital. Anyway, for what its worth, here's what we have to say, didnt even want to talk about it but we will be back for this week's pregame. Got lots more work to do in this season!.

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