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This is not the UGA-UA post game show. Old Dawg had to be hauled off to the St. Mary's Psych Ward for an intensive suicide watch after the UGA loss saturday night. He left, on a stretcher, mumbling about "Corso, blackout, fowler, saban...." anyway, this bit is just to let you know that we will be doing one show this week and it'll come out thursday night, provided OD is home in the bunker. One long show covering the loss and the weekend ahead... stay tuned.

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DawgCast#165 BLACKOUT! It's here...the Blackout we didn't need but are gonna do anyway. This is just about as big as college football can be, #3 vs#8, ESPN, Blackout, SEC, East vs West, Last Year's OT....oh and UA says theyre gonna bury us at our funeral. We got keys, we got bans, we got POETRY!

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DawgCast#164 Dawgs Win 27-10 over the Devils. Sorry this is late but I spent all day today tried to process and edit all of the recorded stuff I did on the mobile studio in Tempe. We got so many calls and so much interview material, I got shut down by it. I know you're all gonna be pissed but I jus cant include this stuff and get the show out in a timely manner. It was a great time at Dawgapalooza and the game and at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. Thanks Keasha and the gang, plus Boise, Vancover, China, Fife, The Count, Big Iron Dawg, Marc, Belkin! (really you, Jennifer!) Big G dawg and Chicago and Ft Collins and everyone else cause I know Im leaving a bunch out. Thanks so much yall, it was so fun to go into enemy territory and come away with a Win and so many new friends!
The DawgCast family is the best!

I'll do something with this content and calls, just dont know what yet!

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DawgCast#163 Finally here...Dawgapalooza is here! ASU vs. UGA pre-game! We cover the coming match-up against Rudy Carpenter and the Sun Devils and tell you everything you need to know about UGA football. Dawgapalooza is friday night at Bison Witches. Hope to see you there!
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DawgCast#162 Dawgs win 14-- USC 7
We squeak out a close one Dawg Fans. But we also find out AU and UF and UT aint all that either so let's get this negativity out of the way and get on with the Dawgapalooza!!

Lots more football to play!

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DawgCast#161 Project 961!  Big thanks to Brian and Shaffee and all the crew at Project 96.1 Rock in Atlanta! It was a blast being live with you guys and 800,000 listeners! For those who didn't catch it or couldn't catch it (Boise, VT, China!) Here are the clips from this morning's show.

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DawgCast#160 UGA vs Lamecocks Pre-game-- So let me get this straight? Beecher sucked in game one, and Smelley was smelly in game 2, so combine them both and get a good QB? dont think so.... Me and Old Dawg cover everything you need to know about the upcoming SEC opener. Let's get ready for some SEC football. And dont forget....Dawgapalooza is coming in 8 days!! Meet us at Bison Witches in downtown Tempe at 7pm on Sept 19th!!!

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Emergency Evil Empire Espn Episode After being snubbed by ESPN on the KnoMo highlights, we decided to take matters into our own hands yesterday and launch an assault on the E. Here is a chronicle of our efforts.

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DawgCast#159 UGA 56 -- Chippewas 17-----We bring you all the news you need from Athens. Good win. Offense continues to tune up, Defense continues to need tuning up. No major injuries. Lots of bright spots, some areas of focus.

Remember, Dawgapalooza is coming! Be at Bison Witches at 7pm on Sept 19th!!

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DawgCast#158 UGA vs. CMU-- Well, we trying to get up for this one, but a pretty low energy effort all around by your broadcast team. I try to make the case that these guys look like Troy, but its hard to forget that they lost 70-14 to Clemson last year....

Coments from GSU post game included this time.
Dont sweat that Poll stuff...remember the only poll that counts is the last one.

Dawgapalooza kicks off saturday sept 19th at

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DawgCast#157 UGA 45 GSU 21-- One Down...A Bunch to go. Here's the Post game. Sorry we're a bit late. It is a holiday and all. Jeff Owens goes down. Moreno shows up. A good game overall. Lots of penalties but lots of good looking freshmen too. No Phone calls this week, I'll move em all forward to CMU pregame.

Thanks for listening y'all

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