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DawgCast#149 Hey DawgFans---Not much going on in Dawg Land but we had a few adult beverages and thought we'd read the newspaper to you. We've got news on fans, USC, top 20 Burning questions, etc.... plus this website

We love you! Go Dawgs! Moonshine is awesome!!
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DawgCast#148 Whether you call em the ShameCocks or the LameCocks, everyone loves to beat em. So here it is, out loving tribute to the worst team in the SEC. Since we recorded this, the Gamecocks have received the kiss of death...The Lee Corso Endorsement.  See ya Stevie!

Also, here are the links I promised. First, click here if you want to see Georgia  Tech's latest lameass attempt to get girls, literally.

Or click here if you want to check out the Munson Bobblehead (you know you want to!)

Or, click here is you want to sign the petition to allow a vote on Sunday Sales in Ga

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DawgCast#147 G-Day! Yeah, I know we're running late and you guys are all hot about it. Trust me it's a long summer and we're trying to drag it out...
Two Walk-on Kickers, a King RB and receivers that can catch! Great G-Day game! Not so great weather. Here's the wrap-up. All you need to know about anything.
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