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DawgCast#144 It's the Mythbusters-- Tim Tebow Edition!  Hey dawg fans, here we are again for a special episode of the DawgCast. Spring Ball is about to start and we'll finally have something real to talk about but before we get to that we decided to cover some common misconceptions about Tim Tebow a.k.a. God's Quarterback. I've also included some up-to-date info from this week in Dawg News, so sit back and enjoy.

Do Tim Tebow's tears actually cure cancer?
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DawgCast#143 Ok, so here it is, the not very anticipated recruiting wrap-up. We had a very hard time getting "up" for this show. We are much better at covering actual football. Spring Ball is just around the corner. This show covers alot of ground so buckle up.
Mythbusters-next week-I promise!

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DawgCast#142 The Reverse Recruiting Show- In this episode we look do something that recruiting "pundits" never do, actually go back in time and see how these so-called experts did. We know recruiting is important but we're just trying to calm everyone down about just how important or rather, predictable it is. Also, I know y'all are waiting on the Mythbusters -- Tim Tebow Edition. Well, I just want to assure you that it is slotted to be show #144. Hang in there. Heck it'll be time for the G-Day game before you know it!

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