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DawgCast#181 Yeah, we are still alive...It's been 28 days and after a series of "almost shows", we finally roll out of bed, open the blinds and face the last game of the year. We seriously needed a break after that last loss and still arent over it. But, we are nothing if not professional, and the game and the Dawgs go on, and so do we... CapOne Bowl "Highest Payout!" Woo Hoo! Jan 1st...1pm. We'll tell you about Ringer and Moreno and everything else you need to know. Including Old Dawg's contract on WilMart.
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DawgCast#180 UGA 42- GT 45--Damn, that was a hard pill to swallow. Take two weeks and sit all day in the cold rain for that?!?!?!  This is what you get when you build a season and a defense out of twigs and rabbits feet. Giving up 45 points to our cross-town rival and a high school offense. Long show but no bad get ready. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
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DawgCast3179 It's Rivalry week! Dawgs vs. Nerds...Once again, we get it on with those sexless geeks from North Avenue. Theyre bringing a fancy running game that we've seen before. Will we tackle? Will we stay home? Its our only chance of winning. Listen up as we tell you what you need to know as the Dawgs go for 8 in a row!
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DawgCast#178 UGA 17  AU 13! Hey...again...a win is a win. This is the postgame for that game and a few other thoughts.... Great calls too...

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Hi Everyone, Just a quick little bulletin to give you the show schedule and some news from the Bunker. We will be doing our regular Auburn Postgame show as well as a special preview of the weekend ahead on thursday Nov 20th and then back to regular schedule with GT Pregame on 11/26.

Thanks for listening.

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DawgCast#177 UGA vs AU Pre-Game...Well, we follow up maybe our best show with maybe our worst show. This show is all over the place, I dont even know what we talked about. Good luck in following the Keys to victory, stats, etc...that you need to know about Auburn. This should be one of the biggest games of the year and instead we're all burned out over the pain of high expectations not met.
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UGA 42--KY Thirty Eight? Hey...We're keeping it positive! Glad to get the Win. A W is a W! Any win in the SEC is a good win. No calls for Willie's head here. No sir! Everything is fine. No need to panic. Auburn is next and then is Option time GT style.

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DawgCast#175 UGA vs KY Pre game! We started off doing a regular show and then Old Dawg went crazy and well....Just listen!

Check out our new great affiliate!
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DawgCast#174 Dawgs 10 -- Florida Gators Forty-Nine! Holy crap. It's the worst loss of CMR's head coaching career. We're standing in the ashes of sky high expectations, feeling bad about possibly going 11-2...wouldn't be so bad if the only two good teams we played this we hadn't dismantled us so badly. We've been outscored 66-7 in two halves of those two games....
It's bad. We're not going totally negative as you might expect but we sure aren't brimming with excitment either...
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DawgCast#173 This is it! Georgia Florida! The one game that matters more than any other except a natty... We break it down for you stats, keys, info...everything you need to be a part of the Dawg Intelligensia... Listen up and then get your butt to Jzx and call the Dawgs!
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