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DawgCast#138 Sugar Bowl Pre-Game-- Well we finally get off out lazy butts and try to get excited about this lose-lose proposition facing the Dawgs. If we win, we were supposed to win....If we lose, we ain't all that. Its a tough nut but we are going to smash the Rainbows and that'll be the end of it. We tell you about the other bowls, Van Gorder and break up the Hawaii O.
A little bit rambling on our part but enjoy it anyway!!
See you after the game with a better show!
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DawgDial#8 Our Live show from W.O.W in Athens 12/4/07--Phones were down so it's basically just me and Burt talking about this Bowl selection tragedy. We clip all the commercials so it's a little less boring. Enjoy! Also, show notes for future---we will be bringing a Bowl Game Preview show where we talk about all the bowl matchups as well as a Sugar Bowl Pre-Game where Old Dawg and I will give y'all practice notes, injury reports and a full formula to be those damn Rainbow Warriors!

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DawgCast#137 An Emergency Bowl Bulletin! I know it sucks and I know it's arbitrary and I know we had a pretty good case. Lots of teams did. We try to put it in perspective for you and help you to get ready for a lose-lose proposition for the Dawgs. CMR has called for the Blackout and like it or not, we're Dawg fans and we gotta show up. So quit yer cryin and let's get to work.

Also, get to a computer and vote for Knowshon!! If we can't play for the Natty then we gotta win something!
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