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DawgCast#128 Dawgs 42-- Sour Grape Gators 30...BIG WIN! Biggest win in our podcast history! The passion and the fire was there. We kicked St. Tebow's butt! SIX sacks! -15 yards! Our most complete game in years. Fun to be at. Check it out! (Just a little negative, I promise!)
Sorry we're a little late we had a problem with the file for the first show and had to re-record.

By the way, I forgot to mention this go to this link right now and
Vote for Knowshon Moreno for Freshman of the Year!!

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DawgCast#127 UGA-UF PreGame! This is it! The big one! The World's Largest Cocktail Party is on. We leave for Jax today around noon. You already know the keys to victory on this one so I use the podcast to beat up Tebow (The Tim Tebow of quarterbacks). Me and Old Dawg are getting wound up for a battle on saturday. Let's get it done.

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DawgDial#6 UGA-UF Pregame DawgDial-- I was late getting to WOW so this show is a little bit all over the place. We had a hard time getting into a rhythm. We had a special guest Dean Legge from and we did talk a little about football.

Regular Dawgcast pregame will be out tonight!

DawgDial 8pm-9pm on tuesdays at 706-369-5838
DawgCast Anytime----706-534-1516

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DawgCast Special Bulletin DawgCast Special Bulletin--
Just wanted to report in and let you know our schedule. We are out of the bunker, getting a little sun and stretching our legs. We'll be back on sunday with a weekend recap show and then next thursday with our regular pre-game for the Cocktail Party. This show is loaded with audio comments that I wanted to get out there, (and Hollywood your comment didnt come through, try again!)... Vote in the poll!

Thanks for listening,
Back on Sunday,
Go Dawgs
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DawgDial is on the air! Hey everyone, here's another installment of the DawgDial radio show that we do on a network of stations across the state. Had a few technical difficulties with our phones when Bert and OD called in but otherwise, not a bad show. If you care, the show is starting to pick up a little steam, we're starting to get noticed and that makes it a little more fun. If you want you can call us live, we are on the air every Tuesday from 8pm-9pm Eastern. We NEED callers!!!
Check it out.
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DawgCast#126 UGA 20 -- Vandy 17-
Boy, it aint pretty but the Dawgs do get the Win. A couple of flukey plays in the last 3 minutes save us from overtime and CMR goes mad after the game and apologizes to the Vandy crowd in an amazing display of spontaneous class. Lump is hurt again, Byrd and Allen are nowhere, Stafford is all over the place, but Moreno is bringin it.

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DawgCast#125 UGA vs Vandy Pre-Game---
Well, we still have got a hangover from that UT game but I'm trying to keep it light and informative. Old Dawg is in a "kill em all" sort of mood so you know what that means! We look back at UT, forward to Vandy, talk about a few keys but mainly we talk about how in the heck we got to have a losing streak against EVERY SEC East team!

Dont let us lose back to back against Vandy!

Sorry, its long but we had a lot to talk about and a lot of comments...

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DawgCast#124 UGA 14 --UT 35 Post Game (if you can call this a game)...
Well, we get taken to the woodshed by a team that is playing with intensity and passion. We have no passion, no intensity and no tackling skills. Our defense makes a bad offense look good and our offense makes a truly bad defense look great. Stafford is all over the place and could care less about it.
Chandler and Goodman have some great catches but who really gives a crap in a loss like this....

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DawgCast#123 UGA vs UT Pre-Game-- Ok here, it is the heart of the SEC schedule. We take our "3-0 in Neyland" coach into Phil Fulmer's School of Pastry Engineering and go for 4. We could end his career on saturday! Let's get it done Dawgs. Everything you need to know about the Vols, The Dawgs and this game.

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DawgCast#122 UGA 45  Ole Miss 17 
Big Win, OLine grows up fast and our running game finds its legs as we wear Miss down. Awesome onside kick call, crappy kick coverage. We are there and watching it all for you.

Go Dawgs!!

UT coming up....

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