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DawgCast#121 UGA vs "O" Miss Pre-Game
Big Game this week...sorry this show is late (not all our fault, production company problems) Also, let me apologize in advance, this show is crap! Sound is bad, Im sick, OD is on a tin can cell phone...all sorts of problems. But still a big game. We break it down as best we can. watch out for Seth Adams! Happy Birthday Larry!!

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DawgCast#120 UGA (Trash Movers) 26 -- Alabama (Trash Talkers) 23
What a great win!! Bobo calls a complete game, proving he's a listener by establishing the pass early and our boys are rewarded for a maximum effort game. No complaints here (except Tripp Chandler), we break it down in a tasty little 30 minute bite!

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UGA vs UA Pre-Game
We aren't going negative here!! I promise! Yes, we have some issues and we're gonna have to play hard but we can and we will win this game! We break down the good news from practice this week as well as CMR's fantastic record on the road. Keys to the victory and looking to the's everything you need to know about the Dawgs in 30 tidy minutes!
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UGA vs Alabama Pre-Game DawgDial. This is the pre-game show that we recorded live in Athens on Tuesday. I forgot to start the Marantz recorder so you will actually be joining the show in progress.

There wont be a post game Dial show so we wont be back at WOW until next tuesday. Stop by and see us if you're in town from 8-9pm or email the show at

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UGA 45 --- Western Carolina 16- Well, we said someone had to pay and we paid...315,000$ to WC and came away with a big win over the Cats. But troubles loom on the horizon and me and Old Dawg are busy ratcheting down expectations. We go deep to uncover the problems and their sources. Things aint as good as they might seem in Athens.

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UGA 45 --Western Carolina 16
This is our post game show live from Athens. We will have much more meaningful analysis in tomorrow's regular podcast. Here's the teaser.... you aint gonna like what we got to say...

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DawgCast#117 Its UGA vs. Western Carolina Pre-Game. Someone has got to pay for the USC loss, so it falls to the Catamounts. We tell you all about the little that we know about them and what we think needs to happen this weekend in order to win AND get ready for Bama!
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DawgCast#116 UGA 12  --  USC 16
What a crappy game. We got whipped in every aspect. Dropped balls are a killer again! Defense doesnt quite get the stops again. Staff is over/under, Bobo is all over the place. No good news from Athens except that KnowMo is for real. For better or worse, here it is.

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DawgCast#115 USC vs. UGA Pre-Game....We're late but it's here. We had a crazy week. Im sorry, OD was on Comcast and I'm promoting this darn radio show and we just ran outta time. Y'all are still number one in our hearts though.

Good week of practice, looking forward to having evil in our midst and smashing his butt good.  Enjoy our take on the game. If you don't like it, check out the braintrust over on the 5th Quarter!!

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DawgCast#114 UGA 35 -- "Greatest Offense in the Universe" 14
So far so good, we cover the roundup of the game, offense, defense and special teams. I'm pretty hoarse but we're still here getting it done! Radio show went well but it still aint as good as the Cast! It'll get better fast so stick with us. Okie State turned out not to be so much of a problem but this week is the Evil one, so let's get past the opener and get ready for SEC football! BTW, we need a intern for the radio show....if you live in Athens and can come to WOW at five points on tuesdays and saturdays to fetch all of us some beer, email us....

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