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DawgCast#106 It's still May, what can we say? P.O. is done for the day. And....we got some shout outs for mens tennis and the great McGill and Diaz as well as some great listener feedback...short show.

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DawgCast#105 Dawg Days... we got a linebacker getting drunk, Staff helping a local recycling effort in Alabama and, SURPRISE! the AJC thinks we need a conference clash between the ACC and SEC in the Dome. Like we don't play there enough already!?!?

In other news, Gainesville and Gatorade both SUCK!

Call us you lazy bums, tell us what you think of Old Dawg's new sound quality...706-534-1516

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Musical DawgCast This is it! Love it or hate it, a bunch of you asked for it, so Im giving it up. Brought to you without comment or commercial interruption by Belkin!!
A show of just UGA party songs which some of you will love and some of you will hate. We do have a few updates about Stafford, Akeem, and gatorade but those will have to wait until weekend...for now, let's dance!

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