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DawgCast#99 Show Number 99! As we close in on our centennial show we cover a few odds and ends going on around Athens. The NCAA scraps the awful clock management rules after only a year. Mike Adams made some major moves to solidify his dictatorship on campus. Plus, we focus on the players that we want to see come up big in the spring as we prepare for a National Championship run in '07.    AND---New Contest!!  Who will be buried first--- James Brown or Anna Nicole?? Send in your answer and date (for the tiebreaker!)

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DawgCast#98 Signing Day Part 2--The Defense... We continue on with our recruiting coverage and tell you about the defensive side of the ball. Plus Anna Nicole Smith slides into the show way more than she has any right too. We have a lot of cocktails during the break of this show so please forgive us for the last 10 minutes...( I think I actually snorted!)......Call Us--Win a T-shirt!!  706-534-1516.......or email us at for listening!!
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DawgCast#97 Signing Day 2007-- It's like Christmas morning!! After a totally uneventful late January and early February, things finally start popping. Tonight we take a look at our offensive recruiting. King and Gray and all that beef on O-line. Including an awesome surprise player that we stole from ND. Two shows in two days... Defense coming up tomorrow, thanks to Belkin Products our awesome new title sponsor (Jennifer, you rock!!)
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