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DawgCast#138 Sugar Bowl Pre-Game-- Well we finally get off out lazy butts and try to get excited about this lose-lose proposition facing the Dawgs. If we win, we were supposed to win....If we lose, we ain't all that. Its a tough nut but we are going to smash the Rainbows and that'll be the end of it. We tell you about the other bowls, Van Gorder and break up the Hawaii O.
A little bit rambling on our part but enjoy it anyway!!
See you after the game with a better show!
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DawgDial#8 Our Live show from W.O.W in Athens 12/4/07--Phones were down so it's basically just me and Burt talking about this Bowl selection tragedy. We clip all the commercials so it's a little less boring. Enjoy! Also, show notes for future---we will be bringing a Bowl Game Preview show where we talk about all the bowl matchups as well as a Sugar Bowl Pre-Game where Old Dawg and I will give y'all practice notes, injury reports and a full formula to be those damn Rainbow Warriors!

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DawgCast#137 An Emergency Bowl Bulletin! I know it sucks and I know it's arbitrary and I know we had a pretty good case. Lots of teams did. We try to put it in perspective for you and help you to get ready for a lose-lose proposition for the Dawgs. CMR has called for the Blackout and like it or not, we're Dawg fans and we gotta show up. So quit yer cryin and let's get to work.

Also, get to a computer and vote for Knowshon!! If we can't play for the Natty then we gotta win something!
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DawgCast#136 UGA 31--- Nerd Herd 17!  How sweet it is! I never get tired of smashing their hopes, embarrassing their coaches (Tenuta and Gailey) and shutting up their trash talk (Yeah, you...Choice!) Great game, great season, 10-2 seemed like a distant dream and now we're here. BCS bound and looking forward to next year. And, by the way, Munson has lost it. Completely.
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DawgCast#135 UGA vs. The Nerd Herd---Lots riding on this one, lots of recruits looking in and lots of people hoping for 7 in a row against the Geeks(first time ever, when we get it done!) All you need to know is that theyre gonna try to run the ball and their QB is a guy who wasnt as good as Reggie Ball. And to be fair, a disclaimer when we finished recording this show, Old Dawg said "man, that show sucked!"

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This thing just keeps on clicking and getting better! KnoMo keeps doing his thing with his 5th 100yd game in a row. Great win and we're in the fieldhouse at 6-2 in the SEC. GT coming up. And me and Old Dawg are barely on speaking terms...

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DawgCast#133 UGA vs. Kentucky --The last home game of 2007. Can't hardly believe we're already here, but your #8 Dawgs have got a biggie this weekend. We've got to take care of business and move on to Tech. Woodson is dangerous but he can be touched. we've got to pressure him, keep the ball away from him and score problem, right?
Dawgwalk is at 10:45 am and we'll be there, as usual, watching it for you!

By the way, some of you asked for some UGA-UF video highlights....
well, here they are....Check em out on our website at

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DawgCast#132 The Blackout Is On!! and the aftermath continues! huge win!!  Dawgs 45  Tigers 20. Great game. Coach Richt is a genius! Nuf said. We loved it and we know you did too. O line is playing great, KnowMo is getting stronger every week and the receivers are catching everything!!

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DawgCast#131 DawgCast Black Edition-- Ok, so by now you have to have heard about the Blackout. Turns out the players are requesting we all wear black to the game. I'm in! UGA's in. You better be. We do our thing. Offense, Defense--its gonna be a slobber knocker! Get to the game and do your part, we really need this one (dont we need em all?)

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DawgCast#130 UGA 44---Troy Trojans from Alabama 34
We got the W. We did not have the big letdown. Moreno continues to impress. Receiving Corps getting better every week. Defensive front 7 is playing great. O-line still growing. All good. I've got the muzzle on Old Dawg this week so no bad news....

Call us at 706-534-1516
Email us at
and you still need to vote for our bad boy-
KnoMo!! for National Freshman of the year

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DawgCast Special Spy Photo Introducing a new addition to the DawgCast Product line...Tissues endorsed by superman himself, Tim Tebow. Our tissues are the Tim Tebow of tissues!!!

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UGA vs Troy Pre-Game--- Let's cut to the chase. Easy week to have a big letdown. I know it, you know it. We must guard against that and everything else will take care of itself. Coach Richt has called for everyone of us to be at the DawgWalk this week so be in the Tate Center Parking Lot at 11:30am this week. Troy? All you need to know is pressure whoever the QB is...Run, run, run against them and make sure every punt goes out of bounds. 'Nuf said!

Here's the link to vote for Knowshon Moreno for Freshman of the Year!!
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DawgDial#7 DawgDial #7 Live from Athens! (on tuesday) We did this show on tuesday night. i was still kinda hoarse. Check it out. A little UF postgame and a little Troy pregame. Real Troy pregame dawgcast comes tonight...

Call us on the show live at 706-369-5838 between 8pm-9pm on tuesdays
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DawgCast#128 Dawgs 42-- Sour Grape Gators 30...BIG WIN! Biggest win in our podcast history! The passion and the fire was there. We kicked St. Tebow's butt! SIX sacks! -15 yards! Our most complete game in years. Fun to be at. Check it out! (Just a little negative, I promise!)
Sorry we're a little late we had a problem with the file for the first show and had to re-record.

By the way, I forgot to mention this go to this link right now and
Vote for Knowshon Moreno for Freshman of the Year!!

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DawgCast#127 UGA-UF PreGame! This is it! The big one! The World's Largest Cocktail Party is on. We leave for Jax today around noon. You already know the keys to victory on this one so I use the podcast to beat up Tebow (The Tim Tebow of quarterbacks). Me and Old Dawg are getting wound up for a battle on saturday. Let's get it done.

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DawgDial#6 UGA-UF Pregame DawgDial-- I was late getting to WOW so this show is a little bit all over the place. We had a hard time getting into a rhythm. We had a special guest Dean Legge from and we did talk a little about football.

Regular Dawgcast pregame will be out tonight!

DawgDial 8pm-9pm on tuesdays at 706-369-5838
DawgCast Anytime----706-534-1516

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DawgCast Special Bulletin DawgCast Special Bulletin--
Just wanted to report in and let you know our schedule. We are out of the bunker, getting a little sun and stretching our legs. We'll be back on sunday with a weekend recap show and then next thursday with our regular pre-game for the Cocktail Party. This show is loaded with audio comments that I wanted to get out there, (and Hollywood your comment didnt come through, try again!)... Vote in the poll!

Thanks for listening,
Back on Sunday,
Go Dawgs
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DawgDial is on the air! Hey everyone, here's another installment of the DawgDial radio show that we do on a network of stations across the state. Had a few technical difficulties with our phones when Bert and OD called in but otherwise, not a bad show. If you care, the show is starting to pick up a little steam, we're starting to get noticed and that makes it a little more fun. If you want you can call us live, we are on the air every Tuesday from 8pm-9pm Eastern. We NEED callers!!!
Check it out.
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DawgCast#126 UGA 20 -- Vandy 17-
Boy, it aint pretty but the Dawgs do get the Win. A couple of flukey plays in the last 3 minutes save us from overtime and CMR goes mad after the game and apologizes to the Vandy crowd in an amazing display of spontaneous class. Lump is hurt again, Byrd and Allen are nowhere, Stafford is all over the place, but Moreno is bringin it.

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DawgCast#125 UGA vs Vandy Pre-Game---
Well, we still have got a hangover from that UT game but I'm trying to keep it light and informative. Old Dawg is in a "kill em all" sort of mood so you know what that means! We look back at UT, forward to Vandy, talk about a few keys but mainly we talk about how in the heck we got to have a losing streak against EVERY SEC East team!

Dont let us lose back to back against Vandy!

Sorry, its long but we had a lot to talk about and a lot of comments...

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DawgCast#124 UGA 14 --UT 35 Post Game (if you can call this a game)...
Well, we get taken to the woodshed by a team that is playing with intensity and passion. We have no passion, no intensity and no tackling skills. Our defense makes a bad offense look good and our offense makes a truly bad defense look great. Stafford is all over the place and could care less about it.
Chandler and Goodman have some great catches but who really gives a crap in a loss like this....

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DawgCast#123 UGA vs UT Pre-Game-- Ok here, it is the heart of the SEC schedule. We take our "3-0 in Neyland" coach into Phil Fulmer's School of Pastry Engineering and go for 4. We could end his career on saturday! Let's get it done Dawgs. Everything you need to know about the Vols, The Dawgs and this game.

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DawgCast#122 UGA 45  Ole Miss 17 
Big Win, OLine grows up fast and our running game finds its legs as we wear Miss down. Awesome onside kick call, crappy kick coverage. We are there and watching it all for you.

Go Dawgs!!

UT coming up....

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DawgCast#121 UGA vs "O" Miss Pre-Game
Big Game this week...sorry this show is late (not all our fault, production company problems) Also, let me apologize in advance, this show is crap! Sound is bad, Im sick, OD is on a tin can cell phone...all sorts of problems. But still a big game. We break it down as best we can. watch out for Seth Adams! Happy Birthday Larry!!

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DawgCast#120 UGA (Trash Movers) 26 -- Alabama (Trash Talkers) 23
What a great win!! Bobo calls a complete game, proving he's a listener by establishing the pass early and our boys are rewarded for a maximum effort game. No complaints here (except Tripp Chandler), we break it down in a tasty little 30 minute bite!

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UGA vs UA Pre-Game
We aren't going negative here!! I promise! Yes, we have some issues and we're gonna have to play hard but we can and we will win this game! We break down the good news from practice this week as well as CMR's fantastic record on the road. Keys to the victory and looking to the's everything you need to know about the Dawgs in 30 tidy minutes!
Check out our myspace page and thanks to Elvis for getting it done for us!!

Call us at 706-534-1516

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UGA vs Alabama Pre-Game DawgDial. This is the pre-game show that we recorded live in Athens on Tuesday. I forgot to start the Marantz recorder so you will actually be joining the show in progress.

There wont be a post game Dial show so we wont be back at WOW until next tuesday. Stop by and see us if you're in town from 8-9pm or email the show at

Or call the show between 8-9 pm next tuesday at 706-369-5838
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UGA 45 --- Western Carolina 16- Well, we said someone had to pay and we paid...315,000$ to WC and came away with a big win over the Cats. But troubles loom on the horizon and me and Old Dawg are busy ratcheting down expectations. We go deep to uncover the problems and their sources. Things aint as good as they might seem in Athens.

Call us and tell us what you think  706-534-1516
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UGA 45 --Western Carolina 16
This is our post game show live from Athens. We will have much more meaningful analysis in tomorrow's regular podcast. Here's the teaser.... you aint gonna like what we got to say...

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DawgCast#117 Its UGA vs. Western Carolina Pre-Game. Someone has got to pay for the USC loss, so it falls to the Catamounts. We tell you all about the little that we know about them and what we think needs to happen this weekend in order to win AND get ready for Bama!
Also we put out a call for a new Showbiz Intern, if you're interested email us at

call us during the live radio show at 706-369-5838
Or call us and leave a comment at 706-534-1516
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DawgCast#116 UGA 12  --  USC 16
What a crappy game. We got whipped in every aspect. Dropped balls are a killer again! Defense doesnt quite get the stops again. Staff is over/under, Bobo is all over the place. No good news from Athens except that KnowMo is for real. For better or worse, here it is.

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DawgCast#115 USC vs. UGA Pre-Game....We're late but it's here. We had a crazy week. Im sorry, OD was on Comcast and I'm promoting this darn radio show and we just ran outta time. Y'all are still number one in our hearts though.

Good week of practice, looking forward to having evil in our midst and smashing his butt good.  Enjoy our take on the game. If you don't like it, check out the braintrust over on the 5th Quarter!!

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DawgCast#114 UGA 35 -- "Greatest Offense in the Universe" 14
So far so good, we cover the roundup of the game, offense, defense and special teams. I'm pretty hoarse but we're still here getting it done! Radio show went well but it still aint as good as the Cast! It'll get better fast so stick with us. Okie State turned out not to be so much of a problem but this week is the Evil one, so let's get past the opener and get ready for SEC football! BTW, we need a intern for the radio show....if you live in Athens and can come to WOW at five points on tuesdays and saturdays to fetch all of us some beer, email us....

Call us with feedback on the radio feed and the cast!
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DawgCast#113 Are you ready for some football!?!? Let's light this baby! OSU vs UGA Pre-game show!
We cover the OSU offense and defense as well as some surprises in our own depth chart. Family friendly zones are dead and the bookstore parking lot is off limits...
Get your tailgate ready because its time to watch the Bulldogs play!

Call us 706-534-1516
Email us at

The call in line for the inaugural DawgDial Show is 1800 924-9085
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DawgCast#112 Last rehearsal....for us and the team. As you read this, it is officially Game Week! Welcome back! This is the last show before we begin regular operations on our way to a 14 game win streak. Offense looks tired but getting more solid. Receivers are set, one freshman in, one senior out. D looks better. Moreno and Henderson are terrific. We cover scrimmage news and practices and record heat.
Plus this week we kick off our new "regular" radio show.....DawgDial!
Broadcasting from 10-Midnight from W.O.W in Five Points...Stop by and see us or call us from anywhere....Live Call in number is 706-369-5838

The podcast comment line is 706-534-1516
And our email is
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DawgCast#111 Finally on the air again! Sorry for the delay, but we've just had one problem after another. We are back now for the beginning of our 3rd season of regular shows and even though we sound terrible, we're here getting it done for you! In this show, we cover offensive and defensive performances thru the two scrimmages, some parking news and firm up our plans for the future! The number for the Classic Center parking deal is 706-208-0900, they have three different packages.

Call us at 706-534-1516
And if you live in Georgia, tune in saturday after the Oklahoma State game to our live call-in show DawgDial...
It's gonna be a great season!
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Time to get to work! Fall practice has begun. We have one more "summer" episode before we start banging heads. We're actually not even in Athens for this show but on our last little vacation. Me and Old Dawg hang at the beach and run into a fun Gamecock named Rob. Plus, we cover the crime wave in Athens and a few other odds and ends about Tech, suspensions and the upcoming Championship Campaign. 

Call Us at 706-534-1516
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DawgCast#109 It's still the Dog Days of summer but it wont be long until the Dawg Days of fall!! We got burning rental cars, and alma mater news. Plus Caleb King can't tell direction. Tech still sucks and the DawgCast Experience is on for Ole Miss game weekend...

Call us 706-534-1516

From the hills of Georgia's northland
Beams thy noble brow,
And the sons of Georgia rising
Pledge with sacred vow.
'Neath the pine trees' stately shadow
Spread thy riches rare.
And thy sons, dear Alma Mater,
Will thy treasures share.
And thy daughters proudly join thee,
Take their rightful place,
Side by side into the future,
Equal dreams embrace.
Through the ages, Alma Mater,
Men will look to thee;
Thou the fairest of the Southland,
Georgia's Varsity.
Alma Mater, thee we'll honor,
True and loyal be,
Ever crowned with praise and glory,
Georgia, hail to thee.

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DawgCast#108 Live from Sea Island-- the #9 podcast in sports! I'm at the beach bringing it like a pro while Old Dawg covers the bunker like dew. We're bringing you up to speed on a bunch of topics since the last broadcast. Munson is slowing down fast, GT and USC are whores, we're gonna be on ESPN radio!!  Plus a bunch of other odds and ends. Forgive the sound quality again, please....Im on VACATION!

Call Us at 706-534-1516
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DawgCast#107 Live from the Echo Chamber! Sorry about the sound quality on this one but me and Old Dawg spent the last few days moving all the furniture outta the Bunker and its really just a cave now. Anyway, this week we got a Mike Adams sighting and a idiot kid in UF garb at UGA camp. Some other odds and ends. Really not much going on, we got an awesome new bball reporter lined up for the winter next year...blah, blah, blah....

Tell what you're doing this summer   706-534-1516
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DawgCast#106 It's still May, what can we say? P.O. is done for the day. And....we got some shout outs for mens tennis and the great McGill and Diaz as well as some great listener feedback...short show.

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DawgCast#105 Dawg Days... we got a linebacker getting drunk, Staff helping a local recycling effort in Alabama and, SURPRISE! the AJC thinks we need a conference clash between the ACC and SEC in the Dome. Like we don't play there enough already!?!?

In other news, Gainesville and Gatorade both SUCK!

Call us you lazy bums, tell us what you think of Old Dawg's new sound quality...706-534-1516

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Musical DawgCast This is it! Love it or hate it, a bunch of you asked for it, so Im giving it up. Brought to you without comment or commercial interruption by Belkin!!
A show of just UGA party songs which some of you will love and some of you will hate. We do have a few updates about Stafford, Akeem, and gatorade but those will have to wait until weekend...for now, let's dance!

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DawgCast#104 Thursday Night Lights----NOT!  We congratulate Damon Evans on his decision to can Thursday games and celebrate the clear fact that he is a listener to the show! We finish up our Gday coverage with the live stuff plus a superfan T Clark. Plus a few odds and ends, cleaning out the in box and a new AUCTION for you guys to look forward to!

call us anytime 706.534.1516 or

email us at
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DawgCast#103 It's the G-Day Post Game Show! Dawgs win 34-21! We froze our butts off but it was definitely worth it as we saw the offense put on a clinic for our clueless defense. Moreno, Durham and Chandler all showed off big. Mikey and Kregg got their yards and scores too! Things look great on O-line. And........the defense looks like 11 freshmen.

Listen up cause this is your last football news till fall!

Call us 706-534-1516

email us at
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DawgCast#102 It's the G-Day PreGame Show!! Yes, Im dead tired but here we are throwing down like the pros we are... yeah, right. we've got a few bits about this weeks practices and scrimmage as well as a look ahead to saturdays big game at 2pm. Guest coaches and secret plays, we'll be there to cover it all. And sure, Geoff, I'll try to do some live stuff from my seats!

Check out the Frappr Map and then give us a call.....


Or email us at
Thanks for listening!
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DawgCast#101 The First Show of the Second 100!! We've got another week of practice done and our first scrimmage of spring 2007 is in the books. Some injury reports, scrimmage notes, an unfortunate police blotter report.  P. Miller moving up, Sturdivant holding his own and MoMass is moving down... plus Stadium's got wi-fi now!! Everyone bring your Belkin Phone!!

Call Us at 706-534-1516

Or email us at
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DawgCast#100 The Century Show!  Yes, Dawg fans, we made it to 100! Too bad for us--all the players and coaches are out of town and there's not much to talk about....but hey, a show is a show. we cover the first third of Spring practices, tell you who's moving up, who's moving down and what Coach Searles is doing to shake things up on O-line. Long show but hey, we're having fun!  20 days until G-day!!

Call us 706-534-1516

Email us
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DawgCast#99.5 It's Spring Practice Time!! Sunny days and chirping birds! Spring is here and that means football! We've got the latest depth chart breakdown and a list of the top things we're hoping to find out over the next fifteen practices. Plus, we have a double contest winner and some great comments from a great listener. 

Call us if you have something smart to say 706-534-1516
or email us if you're shy

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DawgCast#99 Show Number 99! As we close in on our centennial show we cover a few odds and ends going on around Athens. The NCAA scraps the awful clock management rules after only a year. Mike Adams made some major moves to solidify his dictatorship on campus. Plus, we focus on the players that we want to see come up big in the spring as we prepare for a National Championship run in '07.    AND---New Contest!!  Who will be buried first--- James Brown or Anna Nicole?? Send in your answer and date (for the tiebreaker!)

Call us at 706-534-1516 or email us at
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DawgCast#98 Signing Day Part 2--The Defense... We continue on with our recruiting coverage and tell you about the defensive side of the ball. Plus Anna Nicole Smith slides into the show way more than she has any right too. We have a lot of cocktails during the break of this show so please forgive us for the last 10 minutes...( I think I actually snorted!)......Call Us--Win a T-shirt!!  706-534-1516.......or email us at for listening!!
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DawgCast#97 Signing Day 2007-- It's like Christmas morning!! After a totally uneventful late January and early February, things finally start popping. Tonight we take a look at our offensive recruiting. King and Gray and all that beef on O-line. Including an awesome surprise player that we stole from ND. Two shows in two days... Defense coming up tomorrow, thanks to Belkin Products our awesome new title sponsor (Jennifer, you rock!!)
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DawgCast#96 The 2007 Schedule Show--News is so thin around Athens now that it makes headlines when our back-up linebackers DON'T go pro! So before we do our positional outlooks shows and the recruiting wraps, we thought we'd break down the 2007 schedule with possible TV slots, timing issues etc...
It's late January, folks...take what you can get!!! Call us at 706-534-1516 or email us at! Thanks for listening!
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DawgCast#95 Chik)fil-A Bowl Wrap-Up Part Two- Finally, I've got the clip show ready. I hope you enjoy it. I know all you faraway Dawgs like to get that local flavor that you cant get ANYWHERE else. So here it is straight from our drunk mouths....
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DawgCast#94 Dawgs Win!! Chik-Fil-A Post Game!! Part 1 of 2--We're settling in for a two part postgame show because, hey, its a long winter baby. Dawgs win in incredible "Finish The Drill" fashion as they come from 21-3 behind to cap a fantastic finish to a reloading 9-4 season. We got it all for you. Part 1 is me and Old Dawg just reliving the game and Part 2 is audio clips from the tailgate and a slew of audio call-in comments.

Go Dawgs!! 2007 is just around the corner! Recruiting and G-Day and summer and etc...etc...etc....etc.... we'll be here for you Dawgs!
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