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DawgCast#89 Dawgs 15  ---  Jackets 12
For the sixth year in a row the Dawgs hang a LOSS on the Geeks from ATL. We give a 60 minute effort for the second week in a row and get another gem from Reggie Ball. CJ is shut down by PO. And Tunnunu can't quite stop Stafford and Bobo. A great win to cap a 8-4 season and we tell you all about it and now its time to go bowling.

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DawgCast#88 UGA vs Tech-- Last Home Game of the Year. Clean old fashioned hate. The Governors Cup. The In-State rivalry. Regular people versus the Nerds. Me and Old Dawg break it down. Practice Notes, injury reports, and our own keys to a victory. Plus a bonus break song...the GT Alma Mater!
Also check out this awesome article about our Honorary Captain this week, Jake Scott--- a real bulldog great!

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The Open Date Show! Not much to talk about this week. We've got some practice notes and a shot at the AJC. We do have a trivia contest though so get your answers in quick! And we have two great videos. Check out this version of the UGA History Video that they show in the Stadium each home game
And if that's not cool enough for you, check out this super cool recap of the UGA-Auburn game!! Call Us and tell us what YOU think------------706-534-1516-------------------oe email us at
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DawgCast#86 UGA 37 --- Auburn 15  HUGE WIN!! Right when we needed it most, the Dawgs come thru with a incredible 60 minute effort on the plains of Auburn. Most complete offensive and defensive effort of the year AND Matt Stafford proves he IS coachable with a no-interception performance. We tell you just what you need to know and we cool you off just a bit by reminding you that this is only one game. But it was a big one!

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DawgCast#85 UGA  vs.  AU   Pre-Game-- We've got a chance and we tell you why and how. Take a guess...!  Limit turnovers! Run effectively and tackle surely...Hey, no problem right? We arent down on the Dawgs and we havent turned negative at all. We just bring you the honest scoop from Athens.  ALSO---IMPORTANT NOTE--- I've been meaning to mention this and I always forget- I still have our videos from the Jax game and I cant edit them on my computer without crashing it. If there is anyone out there with a studly desktop and an hour to kill editing our game video, we'd appreciate the help and we'd love to post the video. Can you help?

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DawgCast#84 UGA 20 --- Kentucky TWENTY FOUR!! Good Lord, the season of no leadership continues. We bend over and take another game deciding DRIVE in the last minutes. No direction on defense, no coordination of offense, special teams are actually dangerous and embarrassing for our own players. Matt "Pick me off" Stafford has four TD's and 12 INT's... it ain't even a little bit funny....

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DawgCast#83 UGA  vs.  Kentucky  ---This week we head to Lexington to take on the Wildcats. This stadium has never been friendly to us and this year will probably be no exception. We cover the season ending injuries from this week and other news from Athens as well as our Keys to the victory segment.  Plus take a minute to vote for Tiffany Gillespie--UGA's own Top Ten Finalist in Athlon Sports Sideline Spirit Of the Year Award!!

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