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UGA 14   ----   UF 21    Well, we lose a heartbreaker. In spite of 5 tunrovers for the second straight week, we are still in the game for 58 minutes but we come away empty. We break it down for you now that we're back in the bunker, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Georgia versus Florida...nuf said! Do you need any more reason to get up for this game. We're 2-14 in the last 16 years. How's that feel?
It's just Derek for this show. Old Dawg is caught on a plane or something. We hear about all the keys to victory and a interview with Taylor Burns!

Lets go and take some from UF!!

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DawgCast Special Bulletin#2 Just a little note to let you guys know that we aren't gonna put up a new show tonight but rather we're gonna record live tomorrow night from the team hotel!  Hang in there for some great Dawg News and a huge VICTORY OVER THE GATORS!!
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UGA 27  ----  Miss St  24  A Win is a Win! Well, it wasn't the prettiest win but it was a win. And this isn't the prettiest show but we get it done in a very long 50 minutes...kinda ramblin. Matt Stafford is 3-0 as a starter and we cover the good points, the bad coverages and the ugly special teams. Our offense is getting better and our defense seems to be getting worse. Still not much leadership on the field, but Ken Harris and Brannon Southerland are stepping it up. And we've got the best dang Tee Retriever in America! Go Dawgs!!  The Cocktail Party is ON!

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UGA vs Miss State Pre-Game
This week we're gonna stay positive. We go back to fundamentals on the old dawgcast...we cover practice notes, injuries, replacement players. Keys to the win and some Miss St series history. Plus a great intermission song. Be sure to visit the website to see the video that goes along with this damn funny song!  Go Dawgs!!

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DawgCast Special Bulletin Hey Dawg Fans, Im feeling a little bad about last nights show...thinking I was a little over the top...AND I need a favor. I need you guys to go into iTunes and re-subscribe to the DawgCast. We've got a new feed and for proper tracking and tagging and popularity results....we need you to re-subscribe.  Thanks.

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UGA 22  VANDY 24 --- Parental Guidance Suggested! This show for kids over 21 only. Little bitter in the bunker tonight. Smashing recording equipment and Old dawg has started drinking Jager...Things are bad and getting worse for the Dawgs and we cover like only we can. Lots of bad words in this show so please dont let the kids listen.
Things have to get better.

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DawgCast#77 UGA   vs   Vanderbilt   Pre-Game-- Ok, the Commodores are coming to town and we have got to bounce back from the UT debacle. Lots of stuff to look for in this game, so we've broken it all down for you, from practice notes to Vandy's offensive tendencies (fumbling the ball...).
And, by the way, we forgot to mention it on the show and you probably already know but, Brandon Coutu is out for the rest of this season. Dammit, man!
Enjoy the show as you get ready for the game.
And here's the link to the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Voting Site. Vote early , vote often because even when he's screwing up, CMR is still our man.

Go Dawgs!
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UGA 33  --- UT FIFTY ONE!  We get it handed to us on a bad night for everyone in the DawgNation. Second most points ever scored in Sanford Stadium on us and it hurt bad. We break it down and it ain't pretty.

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DawgCast#75 UGA vs UT Pre-Game Show... It's finally time to see for real if these Dawgs are pretenders or contenders. It's time to buckle down and mix it up with the Fatty from Knoxville. We've beaten them 4 of 5 years running and we tell you what we need to do to make it 5 of 6. Gonna be a tough game but the Dawgs will win.

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UGA-14 ---Ol' Miss-9

I am getting sick and tired of explaining what's wrong with the Dawgs. We stink it up AGAIN. Come out flat AGAIN and squeak out a close victory against a much-less powerful opponent AGAIN. Like Old Dawg says...we've got a O-Line that cant block, receivers who can't catch and QB's who can't throw...until we get that fixed everything else is just conversation.

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