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DawgCast#73 UGA  vs. Ol' Miss  Pre-Game  --  No overlooking an opponent here!! We give you the keys to the victory. A breakdown of what to look for in Miss and some other general notes. Smooth is back with a winning pick and we've got a great song in the break from Fort Minor. Billy Bob Thornton says "The DawgCast is my only source for great Dawg News!"

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DawgCast#72 UGA 14  --   Colorado 13
I hope this ain't the first episode you listen to because this show damn near feels like a loss. We're still recovering from our underestimation of Colorado. And we take the heat. We tell you what we think about what went wrong on both sides of the ball and what few things went right. Not a very funny or light-hearted show. Too many mistakes by coaches and players to be joking around... Call us if we're wrong  706-KEG-1516

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UGA vs Colorado Pre-Game Show-- Ralphie is on his way to Athens and Danny Verdun Wheeler has devildog eyes. We are all over the place on this little gem but we're feeling good going into this weekend. Injury reports, crappy Tight Ends and Chester's stomach ulcers!! We dig deep for you. Plus we've got the link to the Erk Russell Tribute Video.  The Original Podcast about UGA Football and always the best. Done by fans, for fans right here in A-town. See you at Sanford on Saturday. Vote in our poll!!

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DawgCast#70 UGA-34....UAB-ZERO

These shut outs are spoiling me! Defense paints another masterpiece and offense conntinues to grow and mature. We cover the whole game for you and break it down like only the DawgCast can. Plus we have a live report from topside Athens about a major injury to a key player. Ain't this getting fun??
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DawgCast#69 Week Two-- It's been kinda slow around the bunker this week. A few practices, one of which was an indoor walk thru. No real injuries since the USC game. We cover who's in and who's out this week. The Wheaties box and a tough UAB team coming to town. Keys to the victory plus a Smooth Pick O The Week!
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Great Win and a fitting tribute to Erk. We hang a goose egg on Darth Visor and it feels great. We cover the offense and Stafford's SEC debut as well as the incredible Defensive effort of the Junkyard Dawgs 2006 version. Is Spurrier becoming a victim of the chicken curse??

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Erk Russell Memorial Show 1926-2006 We lost another great one today...

Erk Russell 1926-2006...

Too important to wait until the USC post-game show. We wanted to do a little memorial for the greatest Defensive Coordinator of all time. Erk was a helluva motivator, a helluva coach and a helluva man. We're gonna miss him.

Give em hell, Erk!
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USC vs. UGA Pre-Game!  Big Show! We've got major moves on the depth chart, injury reports and keys to a big Bulldog win. Plus a new pick from Smooth and a guest analyst breaking down the Gamecocks. Long show but its a damn good one...

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Special Report-- If you want to see exactly how Mike Adams and his Fan Friendly Zones are working out...check out this awesome video from our friends in Decatur...
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UGA 48 -- WK 12...
Big win for the Dawgs and we tell you everything you need to know about it. Mikey Henderson looks great, Joe T3 looks tenative, and Stafford looks "crisp"! We cover the game and tell you about how the towels were a disaster... Thanks for listening and get ready for a big show this week!
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