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It's finally here, a pre-game show for an actual game. Not a very good opponent and in the classic tradition of playing to our competition...not a very good DawgCast episode. We cover some keys for the Bulldog victory and we have an interesting Smooth Pick. But let's face it, we are just not going to lose this game.

Dawgs roll in an easy one....

Go Dawgs!! Sic Em! Woof! Woof! Woof!

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Preseason Practice is finally over. It is gameweek! I am in the bunker solo tonight to wrap up everything that happened from wednesday thru saturday afternoon. Depth chart changes, injury reports, Buck Belue is losing his mind and Andy Johnston is an idiot...

Regular show schedule resumes this week! Come and get it!
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DawgCast #63 Well, we finally have a QB named as a starter. If you've been listening to us instead of drinking the MS KoolAid then this is not a big surprise. Its business as usual in Athens. Actually, not that much going on. Practices, afternoon T-storms, Picture Day....CMR got a new hat....pretty quiet headed into game week. We've also got Spirit Towels that Old Dawg hates... So the I'm Georgia campaign is off to a bad start.
Plus, we cover a potential Battle Royale between Old Dawg and the Showbiz Wife...
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DawgCast#62 Tickets and Traffic! We have been covered up in emails about tickets. People are getting some tickets but not all and freakin out. And it seems the University is taking a page from Communist China and including a boatload of parking propaganda and great offers! Yeah right!! Call us and tell us if you got your stuff or not! Its like Christmas at the bunker! 706-534-1516 or email us at Thanks for listening
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The Spring Scrimmage is over. We're halfway thru fall practice and there is no clear starter at QB. We break down the first scrimmage of fall practice  for you and point out the good, the bad and the ugly.
Then we call out Larry Munson on his negativity and then we beg to be his replacement. An injury report and some redshirt news also. And Martrez Milner still cant catch!!

19 days to go!

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Finally, some real football news to report on. We cover the evolving QB battles in and out of practice, including Stafford's new do. The O-Line is stinking it up and Callaway is shaking em up.

Flowers is benched and some freshmen step up. we also cover the polls and the auctions and a 50 foot beer sculpture on Alps Rd....only in Athens!
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DawgCast#59 This is our last show before the Fall Campaign begins. We're hung up on the Old Ball Sack (Steve Spurrier) and Kevin Perez and Dan Inman. Freshmen breaking strength records and redshirts. Plus a song about Summer and a rant about Urban, Leak, UF and their "tradition"

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