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It's time to go Old School. On this episode, we get about as far away from Master P as you can get. For you older listeners, this show will be an awesome trip down memory lane. The kind of show that you'll want to listen to before every game. For you students and younger listeners, this is groundbreaking stuff. You'll learn why Larry Munson is sucha big deal, why we're the only school that can have the Godfather of Soul ride a fire hydrant onto the field while singing about your Defense! Classic DawgCast!

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DawgCast#54 Long Hot Summer...

We just dont have anything to talk about. This show is pure drivel. Derek spends the whole time talking about new buttons on the website and trying to sell T-shirts. There is NO news from Athens. Oh, except baseball super-regionals start tomorrow. Go Dawgs!!
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Well, Coach Richt wasn't at the registration table for photos today. So, I just did a little video. You can see where the door to the bunker is, what the stadium looks like when she ain't working and a little bit of the CMR Football Camp...

This ain't Spielberg but if you live in Seattle, this is as close as you're gonna get to Athens in June!

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Well, like we said, over the summer the only news you get is bad news. We've got some news from local courthouses as some Dawgs get sentenced and then suspended. Also, Derek's got an opportunity and a poll question.

And, what else do you need to know about the Mike Adams plan except for the fact that Spurrier supports it.

Plus!! We've got some awesome T-shirts. Standby for a pic!

And Master P plays a little ditty for us!
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