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Still no interview...but we have an awesome song dedicated to Old Dawg! We bring you the PTI clip and some news about Dan Inman. Plus this link to a story about Mike Adams

I was wrong about C-Murder singing My Dogs...It's actually his brother Master can get this song on Itunes and you can find the lyrics here.

Plus, finally, we find out the artist name for the video soundtrack...
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3 months, 8 days, 14 hours...
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DawgCast#51 Just say Michael Adams! This guy just continues to get up in our grill. We give you the latest on the Mike Adams Insanity Tour (check this link) plus some more player updates and information for the summertime Dawg Fan.

Plus we have an early leader in the coolest placement got the sticker placement contest....

Check it out... Think you can do better? I've got a cool T-shirt for you if you send me the picture!
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Long Hot Summer... We don't have our interview yet, but we are working hard to get it soon. Meanwhile, GT students are wearing tin foil hats, and we get our first real donation!!

And we get picked up by the Georgia Podcast Network

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Just a quick update from the bunker. We are working on the resolution for TailGate-Gate. We are still trying to find answers so we can bring you a complete solution when we broadcast. Thanks for your patience.

Also, notice (if you care!) that I am loading in the archives from the bottom up. I will be sending out a new one every 2-3 days, so if you're interested scroll down to relive some moments from last season...or just to see how this crazy show got its start.

Thanks for listening! And remember, you can always call us at
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Well, it's Draft Day and we had 7 players get picked up. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

Plus, we've got some competition...another Georgia Football Podcast and boy, is it a snooze...

I blind-side Old Dawg with a disturbing story about the Gym Dogs vs. the Bulldogs...

More on TailGate-Gate and I met a new friend tonight-UGA Chaplain Kevin Hynes.

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