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In other news, we begin our coverage of the new tailgating rules and we're asking you for feedback. Check out these articles before you come up with your questions. 11Alive has a good one, as well as WSB-TV. I love both of the Red and Black's articles including an excellent opinion piece. Even SI has an opinion on the problem. Only the communists over at the commune called Athens Banner Herald agree with the evil overlord Mike Adams.

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And here's a video thats not too bad except for the bizarre Jim donnan sighting, also you should know that it does have some profanity in it. I just wanted to put it up to prove to ya'll I could do it!!
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Al-Qaeda South- We sign a big O-line propect named Sturdivant who had 50 scholarships on his table.

Then we find out Georgia Tech is full of stinking terrorists! We always knew that damn school was a den of evil. Thanks to the FBI, now we have proof.

Other than that, pretty normal day...
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Finally, some real football to cover. We take a look at players who stood out on both sides of the ball. Offense and defense, good and bad. Lots of action at QB. Cox blows up, Stafford moves up.

Plus, we cover defense. Asher Allen and CJ Byrd look like seasoned vets.

Get this show while its hot!
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Good Lord! We are stinking it up on this show! Live from the beach...A pathetic attempt at entertainment! Im drunk at TGIF's and UF is winning the NCAA Basketball tourney. Oh, the humanity! The only good news is that today is G-Day!
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