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Just a quick show to let you know we're going on vacation. Its the beginning of our annual Lewis Grizzard Pilgrimmage to Myrtle Beach. Im sure a show will be recorded while we're thereNotes from UT and some practice notes. Scrimmage coming up on monday...standby!
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No show notes for this one. I dont even know what we're talking about. Its a Spring practice grab bag.
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It's back to work for the Dawgs. Thankfully, no one got hurt or arrested over spring break. They're getting back to work and we are there to cover it for you. Let's get ready for the spring game!
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Its Spring Break and all good Dawgs are at the beach. So, we dont have much news. We're watching the Police Blotter and local bars very diligently.

There is, however, still some very bad news. Bill Hartman is dead. He was a great man and a great Bulldog and he will be missed terribly by the DawgNation and the entire college football community.

Sad Day.
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